Bleeding At 14 W4d

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jodsil - January 23

So far everything has been smooth sailing but this morning I wiped and there was red blood on the tp. I have since gone back to wipe twice and nothing more. Should I call my doctor? Is this something to be concerned about? I'm so stressed out because last night I cleaned my bathroom with Tilex (using something to cover my mouth and nose and gloves on my hands) and now I'm concerned it was caused by that. Any advice would be helpful.


whynotme - January 23

I had a very light spot of blood I think at around 6-8 weeks and called the Dr. She asked me if it around the time I supposed to get my period and it was the exact day. She said not to worry. But this was in my case. I think that just to be safe you should just give your Dr. a call. It's probably nothing, but you can never be to careful when it comes to prengnacy.


jessicaspatherapist - January 23

jodsil, i've had bleeding almost every time i've had s_x with my husband...usually happens the next day or two days later....i've also had bleeding after a bowel movement.....i would call your doc but i'm pretty sure you'll be okay, and i'm almost positive it was NOT from cleaning your bathroom!


jodsil - January 23

Interesting Jessica, it was after a bowel movement. I placed a call with my doctor and she will call me back. Thank you both for your advice.


jodie - January 23

Hey jodsil. I am 14 weeks also and on saturday I had the same thing. Only the blood was there for a couple of wipes. Then it slowly turned brown and dissapeard. I also had s_x that morning so I just figured that's what it was from. When I was preg with ds I had a bit of spotting around this same time and the doc said most likely from s_x so he put me on "pelvic rest" No s_x or orgasms of any kind. Do let us know what your doctor says!!


jodsil - January 25

I saw my doctor yesterday and she listened to the baby's heartbeat. She couldn't get an accurate reading because the little rascal kept moving so much but from what she did hear she said everything sounded normal. No more bleeding since the first day (fingers crossed). The doctor did tell me that my uterus still seems to be retroverted because it was really hard to find the baby's heartbeat. I guess that's because it is back so far? I guess I'll ask during my next u/s.


squished - January 25

jodsil.....I'm glad to hear that everything is ok with you and your little bean! If you want some non-toxic cleaning products, at Target they have a brand called Method. It's all natural and completely safe. They have window cleaner, tub and tile, general, dusting, granite and stainless steel cleaner. I feel totally safe using these and they smell great. Maybe it will cut down on your glove use :)


margie - February 6

hey i have a question about the bleeding after s_x...jodie, you said you were put on "pelvic rest". thats what the nurse said to me on the phone when i called about the spotting after s_x too...however i forgot to ask for how long! are you supposed to just wait until after youre done spotting or for a certain amount of days after? i a__sume this doesn't mean for the whole pregnancy! if so then that really sucks a lot! lol



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