Bleeding During First Trimester

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Kira_lynn - April 20

Im sorry to butt in on the second trimester board but i thought you'd be the best to answer my question. I am 6 weeks and had bleeding yesterday and then nothing today. My doc said that it might be a implantation bleeding, but if i start bleeding again then its prob, a m/c. Anyone have bleeding like this??


babyluv - April 20

Hi Kira. I had bleeding like that at 6 wks and 12 weeks. I had no cramps and it wasn't alot. Everything worked out and I am now 27 weeks. Just take it easy and see if your doctor can do an ultrasound to make you feel better. Best of luck.


Leilani14 - April 20

Hi! I had spotting from 5w2d until 6weeks. It was pink and brown, scary. Dr did US at 5w5d and could find only sac and yolk. I had folow up US at 6W5d and baby was fine, they founf HB and baby measured 6w2d. I'm 18 weeks now and baby id doing great.


skn331 - April 20

Hi Kira... I had several bouts of bleeding in the first trimester. I had a lot of cramping too. I was sure I was going to miscarry, but when I finally saw the doctor he did a test for Bacterial vaginosis and I had it. He said more than likely thats what caused the bleeding. All the extra blood flow to the area from being pregnant made it worse. He gave me some antibiotic and I havent had any problems since. I am now 25 weeks and everything is fine.


iakram - April 20

Hi Kira - I had spotting in my 5th week then again around 9 weeks for a few days. We had and U/S and everything is fine. I'm 25 weeks! It can very well be implantation bleeding it happens sometimes. Good Luck!


SuzieQ - April 21

Hi Kira - I had spotting at 6w3d and am now 16w4d and can hear the heartbeat. My u/s tech told me at 7weeks (got an u/s due to bleeding) that she saw it all the time at 6-8 weeks and that it was usually due to the placenta attaching to the uterus wall.


AppleCake - April 22

I had a big haemmorhage at 9 weeks- it came out in a big "splash" and I continued to bleed v heavily for the next 4 hours. I was told it was "highly likely" I would lose the baby. Follow up checks were all fine, and I didn't bleed again apart from a small brown smudge which I was told was the reamaining old blood coming away. We will never know what caused the bleed, they said it was possibly implantation but who knows. At 21 weeks now all is fine so far :)



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