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sylvia - September 13

I had heavy bleeding on my last week of my first trimester one night and ever since it's been a brownish spotting with some slight blood clots that has carried on for 3 weeks now which is carried on to my second trimester. I'm concerned and don't know what to expect out of this? I'm afraid that this will affect my babys medical and or physical health?


shaba - April 23

U better go to doctor & ask. It's not good to wait!!!


Maureen - April 27

Did this happen after an Amniocentesis? I'm having one soon and was wondering if that can happen afterwards.


Kari - May 2

I have the exact same thing going on. On the day I bled alot I had my Dr. do an ultrasound. Everything was fine. She said it may go right away or continue for awhile. Unfortunately I am still having the brownish stuff. She said as long as there is no cramping there is nothing to worry about. Like you, I am still a little freaked out. This is my 4th child. I never had this with the others.


Amy - May 5

I am going through the exact same thing..Exactly on the last day of my first trimester I had bleeding..and now its brownish discharge with some clots.... I have been put on best rest and been told not to worry as long as there is no pain along with it... Today I completed 14 weeks.


stanya - May 24

I am having the same thing. It's so scary. Had lots of watery bleeding in beginning of 13th week, now on and off darker red and brown with very small clotty bits for a few days. No cramping. Ultrasound looked fine. Wish I knew what was going on!


Audrey - May 30

I am going through the same thing right now. I am still having on and off brown spotting. I hope it ends soon.


Lisa - May 31

I am having something similar. I am in my 6th week and started at 5 weeks with pink toilet paper on and off. Then one day I went to the bathroom and wiped and it was bright red and there was a dime sized clot in the toilet. Then it stopped for a day and has gone to a brownish red discharge (small clots occasionally). I am off to the doctor this afternoon and I am so scared I am going to receive news that I am going to lose this baby. It gives me some hope that things have come back normal for some of you.


Aggie - June 3

I am pregnant with twins dd 12//3/04.At 12 weeks I had a heavy bleeding that sent me to ER. What they tald me is that the placenta of one of the babies is not fully attached and I had been on bed rest since. I had some brown discharge before I had the bleeding and I still have it. I had my OB visit on 6/2 and he said that the brown discharge is old blood from two weeks ago. The palcenta is still not fully attached so I am back on bed rest. As long as there is no pain they say just to take it easy. I am hoping for the bes and wish all of you the same


Lisa - June 3

Well, I finally have some answers after multiple visits to the doctor and my second ultrasound. I am having twins! My doctor said that she hasn't seen a woman pregnant with twins come through her office yet who hasn't experienced first trimester bleeding and a lot with clots. I am still in shock though - twins! OMG!


Lisa - June 3

Oh Aggie, when the doctor says bed rest, what do they mean? Are you not allowed to do anything? Like no work, etc?


Aggie - June 4

Lisa, My bed rest consist of staying of my feet and no s_x. The doctor called it pelvic rest. I can go to the bathroom and make my self lunch, butI am pretty much 95% in bed. The dr. said I can go for short walks, but I am to warried to do it. I have not been at work for about 4 weeks now. I had my 1hr long ultrasound today and the placenta separatrion is minimal. So I think this rest time does work. My dischrge is not as heavy as it used to be. I hope this helps you. Think good thoughts and keep me posted.


Tanya - June 8

I'm also experiencing spotting, it started on my 12th week and has continued. I'm now 13 weeks and freaked out.


ashley - June 16

i have got exactly the same thing as u sylvia been to the docs had an ultrasound n all is ok,so y this happeining,its scarey


jolene - June 20

i started bleeding 2 dayz ago first a gush like i peed on myself and alot of blood about half a cup... i am 21 weeks and have no cramping i called my doctor he said to meet him at the hospital emeidatly :\ i was REALLY scareed. he said that as of right now i hzave placenta preva and it is just hemorging a bit but should stop with NO activity bed rest. i of course am still very scared i feel the baby moving and the heart beat was good as well as the ultra sound other than the placenta being over my cervix well any way i hope all goes well for us all :*( just thought you would like to hear my side too :)


Julia - June 21

i'm 22 week, i went to the restroom yesterday and all my underwear was bloody, i called my ob, he sent me to the hospital, they checked me out, determined that the cervix is closed, placenta ok, so now question: what was it? and further worse, what is it, cause i am still spotting. Doc is not able to say, anybody is?


JJ - June 29

On Monday morning I woke up to find that I had a load of "old" blood which had practically soaked through my pantyliner. I had no pain but one thing I did note was that from the start my b___st were VERY tender. On Monday morning they did feel different. Not so soar. I feel different in myself I have a feeling that women know when they have actually miscarried. I called the docs, went into A&E and had a physical examination. The doc said, oss is closed, blood around the v____al area but she didn't know where the bleeding was coming from. I had no pain when she did the phsyical examination. When I had a shower I pa__sed a large brown clot and since then I have been getting a brownish discharge. I am going for a scan tomorrow so will let you guys know how I get on. I am in the 7th week. Fingers crossed for us all. JJx



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