Bleeding Gums

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sashasmama - February 1

TMI! I know that bleeding gums are one of the perks of pregnancy, I had them the first time around, but this time it's terrible. It's like a horror movie every time I brush my teeth. I use soft bristles already, and try not to brush as hard. I just have a river of blood pouring out of my mouth, seriously, I never thought it could get that bad. Of course the dr. says it's ok, but it got to the point where I'm afraid to brush my teeth. I get very lightheaded at the sight of blood anyway when I'm not prego, but this makes me gag and I have to sit down so I don't pass out.


Cevvin - February 1

There is 2 things you can do. Brush and floss more often and try not to look at it. This will help the bleeding decrease as your gums to used to the irritation. Or 2, try brushing less often, say every other time you normally do. Use either a gum you like, or just wipe your teeth with a wet washcloth. I used the wet washcloth method and was very satisfied, i felt a bit dirty at first, but got used to it and resumed normal brushing after the baby was born.


sarah21 - February 2

You should see a dentist and make sure everything is okay. Gingivitis contributes to pre-term labor so make sure you aren't having a problem with that. Otherwise sounds like Cevvin gave you good advice. I personally haven't had a drop of blood brushing my teeth (knock on wood).


Gemini_Girl - February 2

Hiya i had alot of bleeding from my gums in the 2nd tri so I went to the dentist, shesaid that being pregnant increased tartar build up which irritates the gums, so I went to the hygeinist and got a sc___pe and polish - really helped :)


mjvdec01 - February 2

I was a dental a__sistant for 10 years and I can tell you that flossing nightly and brushing at least 2x daily will help tremendously. Hygiene 101- The plaque that acc_mulates on your teeth is purely bacteria, if you are only brushing you are only cleaning 3 out of 5 surfaces on each tooth. If that is the case then you are leaving this bacteria in between the teeth and it is in contact with the tissues. When the bacteria is not cleaned away by flossing nightly it irritated the tissues and they break down, essentially creating an open sore, and an open sore IS GOING TO BLEED. If you are flossing nightly and brushing at least 2x daily this will not take place. I am currently 15 weeks 2 days and not a drop of 'pink in the sink'. Actually my tissues are just as healthy as there were prior to pregnancy, this was true of my first pregnancy as well. Sarah21 is correct that swollen bleeding tissues are a contribuor to pre term labor, the reason being that the bacteria has a direct route to you blood stream. It is also true that people with less that desireable hygiene are more at risk for heart disease for the same reason. If you tissues are really bad then I would recommend a cleaning and polish by your hygienist. Just know tha you can get rid of this problem with a bit of effort.



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