Blood Tests

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Kris - April 5

Has anyone had the "triple screen marker" blood test? I heard that there are a lot of false positives for things like Downs and other defects. I don't really have any friends that have been pregnant yet, but do know a couple people that refused the test all together. I am scheduled for the test this Friday...


Mrs O - April 5

I had it done and b/c of the result i'm going this Thurs. to do an amnio. It made my chances of a downs baby alot higher. I have several preg. friends right now that all use diff. dr. and their dr. doesn't even do it b/c they said it isn't accurate. I'm 36 yrs. old and they say 80% of the positives are false. Which they say positives nothing is positive it just increases the chances of a problem. Hope that helps. Since I found out the results from my blood work, i've done alot of inquiring about the test and the validity. It doesn't appear reliable at all. I was very upset when I got my results b/c I feel so healthy with a healthy lifestyle and 2 healthy children- so i never worried about a problem. So when my dr. called to tell me the results I was very upset, it was like a slap in the face. But since then I have talked to so many and read about so many that I'm at peace with it now.


PP - April 5

The test is not designed to diagnose anything all it is there for is to a__sess a risk.


teresa - April 5

I had this test done last week, have not heard anything back from dr on the results.. TThey are NOT 100% accurate.. they just make it where if u want further testing u can get it.. GOOD LUCK


tara - April 5

There are a lot of false positives becuase it only gives you an a__sesment on the risk - for example the results will be 64/1024 for downs, 95/1210 for spinal befia and so on... If the odds are higher then an amnio is recomended so you can get a yes/no answer on the situation. It is a stressful time to wait for the results but if you are one that would have a baby no matter what (even with downs or any other problems) then you may not want to do the test- unless you want to be prepared and need to know what to expect. If the results are not good they usually send you in for genetic counseling and so on and you receive alot of information. In most sever cases you are given the option to abort. Like I said it could be a stressful time but the results are never a firm answer until the amnio is done. Also the amnio is only done when the risk is much higher and your Doc will recomend it or if you are above 35 or 40 depending where you live.


New_mom - April 5

I took the test two weeks ago. I was really nervous on taking the test. My doctor called last week and said, that everything came back normal. It is a only a risk test.



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