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Kristy - August 21

Hi everyone, just a question.. I have these red pimple -like things on my leg (there are three). They are pimples though, they are very red , swollen, and achy. My mom's said it looks like boils. I have no idea what boils are, or how ya get them? Anyone have info or experience with this? And if I should call a doctor, should I call my OB or my PCP? P.S. I am 26 weeks. Thanks for any help someone can give.. I'm kinda grossed out!


Kristy - August 21

Correction - they **aren't** pimples though - sorry the heat is getting to my brain! :)P


Brandy - August 21

Hi Kristy, you said that they are on your leg, where exactly? Boils are common on the inner thigh (possibly where thighs can rub together with walking). Whatever they are, do not pick at them. This can cause them to get infected. You should be able to see your PCP for this.


Kristy - August 22

Thanks Kristy - They are on the front of my upper leg. I just will feel so stupid if I go to the doctor's for pimples! But I've also never had "pimples" like this before. Plus, I think I am a little over cautious being pregnant and all. Thanks for your response, I will call the doc and see what they say!


kristy - August 22

LOL - I mean THANKS BRANDY ! LMAO It's still early .. but that gets me off on the right foot - laughing to start the day.


moe - August 22

I am very familiar with boils and it's not a stupid question, but if you have more than one boil it is very dangerous and life threatening, you should call your Dr. right away.. I have a niece and a nephew that got one boil and we took them to the Dr and she said boils are very serious, and espeicially if they are in batches... I also have another niece who gets boils in batches like you and they treat them very very seriously! Get a medical book and look them up or look them up on the net at google. Everyone has had a boil in their lifetime or they just thought it was a pimple but it was a boil. Clean people get boils just as well as other people.


kristy - August 22

thank you Moe - that makes me feel SO much better. I called the drs office and they want me to come in this morning. Everything I have read on the net says you have to have poor hygeine or some illness to get a boil. I don't think I have either of these!!! So, we'll see what the dr says. The last few days I have been feeling a little dizzy/ light headed. Is that normal?


T - August 22

Hi Kristy, I have dealt with boils for over 10 years and they are not fun! There is a product you can buy over the counter (safe to use during my pregnancy I confirmed with my midwife) called Boil EZ. You should be able to get it at your local drug store, I get mine at CVS. Basically a boil is an inflamed hair follicle and what I have found out is they are contangious (sp?) within your own body, not to others, which is probably why you have 3 right now. I will give you a heads up when they rupture it is totally gross, not like a pimple. You can get them taken care of by a doctor but I do not recommend it, I tried that once and was in soooooooooooooo much pain. First, they numb it with a needle and then open it up to drain it, then they fill it with gauze so it doesn't get infected. I get mine on my underwear line...not fun at all and I know this is way TMI but get them in other not so fun places! The best thing I have found to work is the Boil takes away the pain and helps it to rupture/pop sooner. If it does and you can cover it with a band aid. Good luck I totally understand how painful they can be.



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