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tracielee - September 22

so... my bbs have been growing and growing and growing. I have a pet_te frame, and started at a small B cup. the bbs hurt still and i'm 24 weeks. I thought this only lasted through the 1st trimester! Anyway, DH likes them and I do too! I'm just wondering if they will stay like this after I stop br___tfeeding? What have you ladies experienced in prior pregnancies? this is my first pregnancy, so I just hope they don't get smaller than they were to begin with!


evae777 - September 22

geee i have the same concern... i heard from many that they will deflate after you are done with the b___stfeeding. a friend of mine who is pet_te and gained bb's after pregnancy ended up getting even smaller after b___stfeeding. who knows! i hope we get to keep them. it is so unfair!!


izechsmama - September 23

hey ladies.. i'm only going to speak on my own expierences as it can always be different for someone else.. but with my son.. i started out like a B/C and ended up a large D by the time i was b___stfeeding, my b___bs were huge! needless to say it was nice.. i b___stfed for 3 months and they shrank really small.. i think they still remained a B at the end.. but it was a lower B and definately deflated... now that i'm pregnant again they are full again and its so nice.... i'm planning to b___stfeed again and this time for much longer... but i've decided i might need a b___b job when i'm completely done having my kids! :P so thats what i went through and it sucks.. however.. i would NEVER give up my expierences b___stfeeding.. i didnt plan on doing it at all.. then when i saw my son, i just wanted to try and i absolutely loved it... it was such a bonding expierence and it was kinda nice that for that amount of time, i was the only one that could give him something that he needed.... its like when you're pregnant you're the only one expierencing it.. and the feeling is kinda prolonged when you b___stfeed... might i add i just think its awesome that you guys are going to give it a shot... good for you... it was one of the most rewarding and wonderful expierences of my life.. and i cannot wait to b___stfeed my new little one... so anywyas, i hope this helps.. :)


Tory1980 - September 23

I had a B cup with my first son and ended up being a C after Breastfeeding. With my second I went up to a D cup and after b___stfeeding stayed between a C/D cup depending on bra style and after my third I went up to a D cup and have stayed at a D/DD (again depending on style). It will be interesting to see after this baby what cup size I will be. They haven't really deflated but they aren;'t as 'perky' as they used to be but then again they have doubled in size! LOL!


tracielee - September 23

ooh tory i hope i'm like you! But I know every woman's body is different, so I have to keep reminding myself to not get too attached to them because they may get smaller!


lisa mc - September 23

hi i got measured for a bra when i was 3 months pregnant with my first and was told i was a G cup am only a size 10 (british) i b___stfed my daughter for 8 months and they got really huge HH. after b___stfeeding a went to a H. i am now pregnant with mysecond and plan to breatfeed but i have noticed my b___bs havent grown at all through this pregnancy. my only problem with after b___st feeding is that they no longer point out but to the ground!!!


lala7 - September 24

I'm also on my first pregnancy but my mum was an A cup and after having me her bbs didn't go down and she's now a C - I'm hoping mine stay on the bigger side too!


sarah21 - September 24

Haven't b___stfed yet (pregnant with my first now), but I know it's different for everyone. My sister-in-law's sister had HUGE b___sts before she got pregnant, she nursed, had no problems, had a second baby, nursed and she deflated to an A cup. Then she had another baby and now she's back up to her DD. Weird huh?


cayingo - September 24

I was a small B b/f getting pg w/ DD. When my milk came in...HOLY cow! They were amazing!! Although, I dripped milk all over so it was hard to enjoy them (sorry for TMI). Sadly though, after a year of b___st feeding they were like saggy small A's. Depressing. All I can say is enjoy them while you've got them.


swollenangel - September 25

I'm sooooo having the same concerns here! b/f i was barely an A cup, cos I'm pet_te too... in the past week i have gone up to a 34C/D (i'm 19wks) depending on style and its really something to get used to (for now anyway!) its been such a schlep shopping for bra's, cos i've never had this problem before! i spoke with my mom and she says her bb never got this big with either of her pg's, so she's not sure how they will turn out afterwards! i just hope they dont sag! I do plan to b___stfeed and i hear that that also makes them increase in size... DH is totally intrigued by them & I'm totally loving it (cos i always wanted bigger b___bs!) ... i dont think they could shrink down smaller to what they were originally, cos i was basically the smallest size you get! ... what a depressing thought! Sigh!


kaitlin - September 26

With my last pregnancy, my b___sts got HUGE (to the point they told me at the maternity store "we don't make bras that big" - how embarra__sing!) and normally I'm a B36/C34. I went up to a F, I think. Crazy. I b___stfed for a year, and by the time I stopped, I think I was a C36, so a bit bigger, but not much. Three months later, I got pregnant again (so 3 months after b___stfeeding stopped, and about a year and a few monhts after my ds was born) and my b___bs have gotten REALLY bit, really fast this time. I think I am already a size E! I'm finding it really uncomfortable, and cannot wait to get back to a more decent size. My dh, of course, thinks it's great, but I'm very, very embarra__sed about them. Not to mention they are killing my back.


Cevvin - September 27

Had the same with my first. Stopped b___stfeeding and they deflated so much. Hope this doesn't happen to you. Good Luck



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