Bowling Or Not

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LS - November 30

I am 17 weeks pregnant now and our office is planning a bowling night in a couple weeks (will be about 19 weeks at that time). Do you think it is safe to do this? I have not bowled in over a year so my body is not used to doing this. I have an appt next week and plan to ask the doctor his thoughts but wanted to see what you all thought too! Thanks!


to LS - November 30

I actually went bowling just about 17 wks (20 now), and I'm fine. Just take it easy. I used a lightweight ball... nothing more than ten pounds. Or if you don't feel good about it either way, keeping company will likely be just as good. I'm sure folks will understand your concern.


You'll be okay! - November 30

Bowl away!


Cathy - November 30

I had that same question about a month or so ago,and I was told to go ahead, (even by my doctor) however, within 2 days afterward I started bleeding. I don't know if it was related or not, but thought I would share, and I don't want to scare you. I am in a high risk pregnancy.


LS - November 30

Thanks! I had a mc prior to this pregnancy and am trying to be very careful without being overly paranoid.


Leann - November 30

LS, I am actually on a bi-weekly bowling league. My husband and some friends thought it would be fun to join (this was before conception). I am now 15 weeks and still bowling! My doctor said as long as I am feeling good about it everything is fine! He says it's great exercise. Plus, I'm finding you bowl sooo much better when you're pregnant...haha!!


Tess - November 30

We went bowling last wkend and I was 15wks and 1 day, hubby was so strict so he wouldnt let me bowl....I was just there watching them and eating all their food. hehehehe


Monique - November 30

LS- My office is planning a bowling Xmas party (greeeaaatttt). I was wondering the same thing. I am concerned about my balance and back pain the next day.... surely bending like that with a heavy ball will cause some strain right??


LS - November 30

Monique--That was one of my worries and why I asked what others thought. I think if it was something my body was used to then I would be just fine but since I will be moving like I don't typically move then I wondered if I would strain myself--or fall! :-) I don't know...think I will talk to the doctor and if he says ok then see how I feel that night after I try a few.


Angie - December 1

Hi LS I am on a bi-weekly bowling league. I asked my doc if it was ok to continue. He said definitely. the only thing you want to be careful of is the smoke! Sometimes by the third game, I have some pain in the pelvic region. The doc said it is normal and to keep doing it. I just stop bowling when that happens and it goes away. I think it is from the bending which my body doesn't want to do much of anymore. HA!



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