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Kellie - May 12

Yesterday was my 18 week ultrasound. I am having a little girl. We are so excited!


hey kellie - May 12

CONGRATULATIONS!!! are you showing yet, how far along are you.


Beth - May 12

CONGRATUALTIONS!! I just found out Tuesday that I also am having a baby girl!! Do you have any names picked out yet? Ours will be Alyssa Marie


Amara - May 12

Congratulations Kellie!


Congratulations! - May 12

Great! I get to find out tommorrow what I am having! I am just glad to be a mom so I don't have a pick. Everyone else is rooting for a Boy though!


Kellie - May 12

I am 18 weeks and 2 days and I am showing. I cannot feel her yet though. She is moving alot in the ultrasound.


nm - May 12

Congratulations! I am having a girl too!


Kellie - May 12

We named her Siddalee Clair. Clair is a family name. We just like the name Siddalee.


TO KELLIE - May 12

pretty name.


Raye Lynn - May 12

Found out yesterday its a girl. Her name, Rainey Jane.


Liane - May 12

I'm 21 weeks, just found out I'm having a boy. I cried hysterically when I found out. Still pretty upset. I know it sounds horrible, but this is my third and last child and I hoped for a girl, like my first child. My second child is a boy and was and still is a nightmare child, and I dread a repeat of him !!!!!


Raye Lynn - May 13

Liane- children are all different. Because you have one difficult child dosent mean they will all be. My mother in law had four boys. She said that one would be horrible everyday until he got punished, one you could look at and he would cry. It depends on the child, not the s_x of the child. Enjoy them all while you can.


Tammy - May 13

I found out yesterday that I am having a boy. I am 16 weeks and delighted. My first was a girl and I really wanted a girl the second time around but after having my son 4 years ago, I am so happy that I am having another boy. My son is so sweet although a little rough, I'd choose a boy any day. Dressing up those little girls eventually stops. I know I have a 20 yr old.


Corrine - May 14

We are having a girl also



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