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Kelly - March 21

Today my husband and I go for our 20 week ultrasound and find out if it's a boy or girl. We are so excited! I have seen other ultrasound pictures of boys and girls and I can't see what the heck they do, in determining. Anyone who just found out, is it anymore clear to you (in the pictures) having the person show you? Do you really see what they are talking about?


New_mom - March 21

I can't answer your question. I go in for my u/s on Apr 8 and I can't wait to find out either...


Jennifer - March 21

I can't tell by looking at the u/s pictures either, but when you are in there and they are telling you what is what, it is much more clear. Good Luck!!! Let me know what it is.


Tan - March 21

I just had an ultra sound last Monday (at 19.5 weeks) and go to see my doc tomorrow and we are hoping that they were able to make out the s_x! As for us being able to tell, not a clue! LOL, my husband is pretty sure he sees evidence of a boy though! Good luck Kelly!!!!!


Kelly - March 22

Thanks all! Well we went, so neat to see the baby and all it's working parts! And so much bigger then my 8 week ultrasound! And baby was moving all around, moving it's mouth, stretching. The women doing the u/s thinks it's a girl but I will have to come back in a couple of weeks to confirm because the baby's legs were crossed. She actually showed us her b___t and said with the boys there is usually something sticking out/hanging out. She didn't see that with baby but to make certain she told me to come back in and we'll make sure, but she thinks its a girl. I lost 2 bets! i thought for sure it was a boy! Very excited still


PP - March 22

Kelly I thought mine was a boy too and it was a girl. I am 23 weeks and I had 2 ultrasounds to confirm it. I also lost a few bets. But I am very excited and nervous for her.


Chris - March 22

I had my 19 week ultrasound last week & the tech said she "thinks" its a girl cause when she looked a different way you couldn't see any boy parts like you normally would. The cord was between the legs at my 16 week ultrasound & legs were crossed also & at my 19 week ultrasound cord was in the way again. If the tech is correct this is my 4th girl. We are very excited. Congrats~


Jennifer - March 22

Hi Kelly, that is great news. Were you able to make out what they were showing you?


monica - March 22

my first baby had his legs crossed also and I didnt find out until 8 months that he was a boy. I went to my 20 week ultrasound last friday and they actually saw his genitals so for he is a boy.


Jessica - March 22

Great to hear everyone is having healthy babies! I had my ultrasound yesterday and confirmed it was a boy. There was no doubt, the tech showed us the bum the legs and there it was. I also lost a bet. LOL. Very excited though!


Kelly - March 23

Jennifer, I couldn't tell anything! Some things were really clear (Spine, arms, legs, etc) but others I was like "uh, ok" She was pointing out the b___t cheeks and I guess I saw it, I was laughing. She said boy parts usually would be hanging there if it was a boy. So we'll have to go back to make sure they weren't hidden ;)


eyebeeablessing2u - March 23

Hwne I went at 20 weeks the tech said she was looking for either 2 dots on either side of a line - for a boy and 3 dots for the girl. Good luck. hope baby co-operates


~E~ - March 23

kelly, the same thing happened to me last friday. Our baby was moving all over the place, they could not even get all the measurments they needed because our baby likes to wiggle around. They did not determine the s_x, but one lady mentioned she did not see boy parts. Anyway, I ahve a question, and maybe anyone esle can help. How did you get another ultrasound scheduled? Dpes your insurance cover it? because all I know is that if I get another one I have to pay and they are around 200.


lila - September 7

no its hard to understand the pictures when it comes to reading the gender, its easier having the person to show you.


Stephanie - September 15

I went in about three weeks ago for my utlrasound and I am having a girl which is a big shock b/c my husbands family has only two girls...and their twins. I understood better when the ultrasound tech. showed me inside her thigh when she was spread eagle. There wasn't anything there and he said he was 99% sure it was a girl!


Lara - September 17

Hey guys, did you try checking the s_x of the baby by your and your spouse's blood? If not, try it. You do this: Women's blood changes every three years, and men's every four years. Start counting from the year of birth of each spouse, and determine whose blood is newer. If men's blood is newer than yours than it is a boy, if your blood is newer, it is a girl. It worked for many of my friends and relatives. Just try it and compare it with the ultrasound results. I am myself 17 weeks pregnant, and my mom counted by our blood and said we are expecting a boy, as my hubby's blood changed this year. Mine did change in 2003. Good luck!


rachel - September 18

i had an ultrasound a few days ago. im having a boy, and its pretty obvious lol.



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