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Sovi - January 22

Have any of you ladies "just knew" what you were going to have before finding out? I would like to know because I "just feel" it's going to be a girl. My boyfriend says it's because I want a girl. The truth is yes a girl would be sweet, because I have so many nephews and the last little girl is now 14 years old. However, I always wanted a boy because I figured I could handle them better...I do have a lot of nephews. But I just feel it's a girl. I would like to know how many other ladies just knew and turned out to be correct?


lily10 - January 22

I have a feeling that I'm going to have a boy. I am supposed to find out on Wednesday, so I'll have to let you know after my ultrasound if my intuition is correct. I do have two friends that already have children and both of them "just knew" what they were having.


Kelly11 - January 22

Well I'll tell you I was certain my baby was going to be a girl----until 3 days before the ultrasound and I had a feeling that my original gut was wrong and it was a boy. Sure enough, it was a boy....that little guy fooled everybody because everyone I knew thought it was going to be a girl too, even dh. Oh ya, I also would have dreams about our baby and they were always a boy. But I do know a lot of women who said they "just knew" and ended up being right. Good luck and let us know!


sarahsteele - January 22

me and my partner and my mum were all certain is was going to be a boy.. and.. it was.


shellster - January 22

I had feelings of a girl the whole time...until the two nights previous to the ultrasound when I had vivid dreams that it was a boy BOTH nights. Well I went for the u/s today and it's a boy!


krnj - January 22

Hi I "just knew" I was having a boy with my son. I even dreamt about it. I feel like this time it's a girl. I have to wait 3 more weeks to find out!


excited2bemama - January 22

I thought the baby was a boy for liek the frist 3 months- then the past 2 I felt it was a girl and I was right- its a girl!!!


lombowith1 - January 22

with my first--thought it was going to be a girl until 1wk b4 u/s and i had a dream where I was telling everyone "oh yes, we thought it was going to be a girl and it turned out to be a boy!' and I could see his little face. Turned out the dream was right!


siciotic - January 22

I was having dreams of having a girl and I was right I'm having a little girl. My mom and the babys daddy and his parents all thought it was going to be a boy but I knew that they were wrong.


TamaraAngel - January 23

Well i "feel" like it's a girl but i think that may just be wishful thinking like you said (b/c i would kinda prefer my first baby to be a girl). I had a dream that i had a beautiful baby boy, though. And i'm more fixated on coming up w a boy's name. My mom went to a psychic who said i'm having a boy. I'm 16 weeks so i'll be finding out soon. Sovi - when is your u/s? Let us know if your "feeling" is right!


lily10 - January 23

Wow, I wonder if we all have dreams abou the baby right before we find out. I had a dream last night that I was b___stfeeding a baby girl. My intuition is telling me it's a boy, but I have to say after that dream I really have no idea. Tomorrow is the big day, and I can't wait!!!!


TamaraAngel - January 23

Oh Lily how exciting! Let us know!!!


hollygolightly - January 23

The same thing happened to me. The whole time I knew it was going to be a girl. Two nights before my ultrasound I dreamed it was a boy. After the dream I knew it was a boy and I am having a boy.


MichelleB - January 23

I thought it was a girl until they announced in the hospital it was a boy! Dh and I just kinda looked at each other just seem to prepare for one and when it ends up being the other, watch out!


jessica1 - January 23

Well this is my 4th preg. I have 3 girls already so when this one came around I knew from jump it was a boy..I felt like it was but everybody probaly figure because I have 3 girls already I was saying that but it wasn't that I love my girls and I wouldn't have mind another one I had her name pick out already. When I took my 20wk u/s they told me its a boy and show me his weewee and I wasn't surprise. So I believe you do have a gut feeling and most of the time its right but you can get them mix up if you really want that s_x....also I had a dream I was holding a baby girl I seen her and everything and it turn out to be a boy!


MNMOM - January 23

With my first pregnancy, I really really wanted a girl but my gut instinct since the moment I found out I was pregnant was that it was a boy and at delivery we found out it was indeed a boy. This time my gut is telling me its a girl. I have to wait until Valentines Day to find out if I am right or not. The wait is agonizing!



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