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M - April 8

I'm 15 weeks pregnant. We find out in 3 weeks what the s_x is. Anyone in the same boat. Does anyone have a feeling about what s_x they are having, does anyone really want one s_x or the other. Of course the most important thing to me is a healthy baby but it's fun to speculate.


mandy~ - April 8

it seemed to me like a life time to find out, and they found it difficult to see at first, so try not to get your hopes to high:). i had my heart set on a girl and could not imagine myself with a boy. to my suprise its a boy! im just as excited now, i did have a strong feeling i was carrying a girl, but i think that was more 'hoping' than anything:)


New_mom - April 8

I am hoping to find out today. I have had two dreams it is a boy.


New_mom - April 8

M, do you have a feeling that you are having a boy or girl?


Beth - April 8

Mr dr will not do the u/s until 24-28 weeks. At my 19 week apt yesterday I made sure to make the next one for 24 weeks so he will HOPEFULLY do the u/s. I am wishing for a healthy baby but leaning on wanting a girl!!


PP - April 8

I really wanted to wait to find out but my husbadn really wanted a boy and wanted to know. We found out it was a girl and yes we are glad she is healthy but it took us an extra 10 seconds to get excited.


louise - April 8

My partner would prefer a boy, but I really do not mind. Had my 22week scan last Thursday (am in the UK) but did not want to find out. Want it to be a surprise. I have no idea!


chrissy - April 8

at 1st when i found out i was pregnant i was like "oh i do not want a girl" because i didnt want a little "ME" but then everyone talked me into wanting a girl and everyone kept saying it was a girl...i found out this week (19 wks) and it was a boy...i am just as happy as i would have been with a we got to record the u/s and everyone gets to watch and be excited with us.


Maria - April 8

I'm only 13 weeks along, so I won't find out for awhile yet, but I have a funny feeling it's going to be a boy. Both my hubby and I want a boy for the 1st child, but if we have a girl, we'll be just as glad!! My sister has had 3 different dreams at different times that I had a baby boy!!


M - April 9

It's great to hear your stories. I think it's so interesting that some people that some people really want boys and others want girls. Some people say they have a feeling I'm having a girl (including my husband). My mom and sister think it's a boy. I feel bad saying I prefer one or the other. Again, I'm just praying for healthy. I'll let you know. I find out April 28th! I can't wait. When do you guys find out?


New_mom - April 9

I was wrong...I found out that I am having a girl!


Lucky1 - April 11

M, I just found out Friday at 17w6d that it's a girl!!! I would have bet my life that it was a boy. I am soooo happy to be having a girl!!! But, really I just want a healthy (Full Term) baby.....


tara - April 11

I have no preferance on the s_x at all, and don't even want to find out the s_x until delivery! But a palm-reader that I saw (just for fun at a party) said I have 2 girls! So we'll see. :o) My husband wants to know the s_x though and since the 20 week u/s wasn't a successful one for finding out the s_x he is hoping at the 30 week one he can find out - I'm hoping not. :o)


Am - April 12

I'm hoping for a girl but I have this feeling that it is a boy. I think I'm more preparing myself to have a boy because I want a girl so much, lol. Also I haven't had much morning sickness and I think with girls you end up with more pronounced morning sickness. I can't wait to find out the s_x, I still have a while to go yet though. I've taken every silly little online test out there! Most of them say girl too.


Misty - April 12

I am afraid to try to find out too soon this time because last time we were told at 20 weeks that we were having a girl and didn't find out until 36 weeks that it was actually a boy. I guess the doctor couldn't see the b___s at 20 weeks so he figured girl. But the baby could hav just been turned the wrong way or something. Needless to say we bought everything for a girl and even had a pink themed baby shower. lol. Oh well, if it is a girl this time around then we already have all the girl baby clothes that we could need. Haha. Talk about one hell of a shocker...all I could do all day was walk around saying "wooow" Hehe.


vix - April 13

Penny, I feel the same way , I have 3 s_xy boys 9,5,and 3 and I would really like a little girl, but I have had all boy dreams. I find out on 29 april but in the end we will be happy with either, because there will now be an even number.


Jennifer - May 16

I have 2 months before I deliver and we did not find out the s_x of our baby- we are just hoping for a healthy baby



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