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KarenC - August 8

I'm expecting my 1st baby this Dec and I was thinking to name my baby boy Hillary. My DH said it sounds a bit girlish but he still can accept it, what do you all think? Any better idea? We are Asians & last name is Yiau.


Dani - August 8

I think that it is unique to have a name like that. I had names like that picked out as well but sat and thought about the childs future, you dont want to have to confort your child every day when he comes home from school cuz he was made fun of. Just a thought :) what were some of your other choices? How do you pernounce your lastname?


Tonita - August 8

i dont think he's going to be to happy with it i know some boys that has girls names and they were picked on growing up i have some cute names if i have a boy im naming him Christian Anthony.. Alexander , Camron, Cody, Parker, Zacharias, what ever you like pluse u can look at a baby name book..


Jessie - August 8

I like the names James, Anthony, and Andrew. lol Im glad im having a girl..Boys names are so stressful! good luck!


KarenC - August 10

Thanks for your opinion, but when I looked up in the baby names book, it says Hillary is a name for both boys & girls..... Anyway I'm still thinking of other names that I might like.


C - August 10

Hmm...just my personal opinion-- although it is a name for both boys and girls, I think it sounds more feminine..somehow. And people do know Hillary Clinton :). Anyway, do you have a second choice for a name?


james - August 10



Ashley - August 11

hey any of ya'll know any unique/hippie boy names?? im 23 weeks..dont know what im having the baby just wont show me.i have a girls name Laylie..dont take it :) and my sons name is Tanner. any ideas?


Rachel. R - August 11

I dont know what im having yet, i have an ultrasound on the 19th august. hopefully they can tell me then, i will be 19 weeks. hope baby doesnt hide. lol. im having trouble choosing names, my mum is very particular, and wants to have her say with everything. she wants normal names, also, i think im having a boy (actually im pretty sure), so can anyone help me too, i like Chris, but my bf is against that name. help plz



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