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kk - April 26

How does boy's part look like on ultrasound ? People say girl's part looks like 3 lines. My 17 week u/s shows 2 oval (thicker) lines, with a thin line in between.


Misty - April 26

I don' know what to say about yours. I know with our little boy though you saw the b___s. There was no mistaking them. That was quite a bit farther along then you though, I'm not entirely sure what it would look like at 17 weeks.


Kara - April 26

From what i have heard, you don't see lines on a boy, you see a 'spout'! Well, we're having a boy and we did, as far as i know 3 lines means a girl.


kk - April 26

Thanks guys.. I'm gonna have another u/s when I'm further along to be sure.


Jessica - April 27

My ultrasound showed a boy and there was no doubt it was a boy. If you can see the parts, it is clear as day as to what they are. Check out gender ultrasound pictures on the net...they'll show you exactly what they look like.


Kristin - April 27

My doctor calls the boys parts little turtles and says the girls look like hamburger's.


JC - May 5

The u/s tech for my first pregnancy said girls look like b___terflies. It is pretty much so. We did have a girl! I can't remember what he said about boys. We just had our 17-week u/s Friday. It is a boy, and there is no mistaking it! There's a b___terfly with an extra antenna (ha!) kinda raised above!


penny - May 5

kk, check this out:, and click on the ultra sound pictures.......there not 100% sure but pretty sure it's a girl, we'll know more on my 20 week appt/US on May 20th. :)


kk - May 5

Update: I'm having a boy. They did another u/s at 18wk. They told me its a boy. So happy..


penny - May 6

kk, you got me worried now...........did you happen to look at my picture (website above)........I'm hoping for a girl....but Now i'm thinking that maybe they were wrong........argh................Okay no I'm not going to think that way... :) Let me know what you think :)


Julie - May 6

With my son you could see the p___s and the testes they were very visible! The doctor couldn't have mistaken them.


HP - May 6

Penny, why does the arrow your u/s picture point to the side? I think your having a girl. My pic looks different than yours. I wish I could post u/s pic on the website, too bad I don't have a scanner :(


kk - May 6

Penny, I think you're having a girl. Between my baby's legs there's a part that's hanging. I don't see it on your u/s pic. Congrats.. let us know what they say on the next u/s.



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