Boys Harder To Raise Than Girls

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Kris10 - July 25

I was just reading the news at msn, and there was a story about girls being harder to raise overall than boys. Just wondering if anyone has experience with this? I'm getting nervous because I'm having a girl now - and have a sweet, well-manered little boy! plus, I thought this was an interesting topic!


Jen - July 25

I have one boy and another on the way and I thought it was so easy and getting easier . (He's 8 now) I have heard the same thing I am so glad im having another boy!


Ca__sie - July 25

I have friends that think their girls are harder to raise than their boys... but it all depends on the personality of the baby. There can be difficult boys too. :-) I am having a little girl and am hoping that my husband and I can be good role models when it comes to manners and good behavior. We'll see I guess.


ambertane - July 25

hey i have a few friends that have boys and girls they say that the boys are much easier to raise so just to let you know


Jodie - July 25

I have a boy and a girl and my boy is a lot easier than my girl, shes had att_tude since i can remember, we used to call it "personality" but now its just att_tude, shes also a major drama queen and expects everything her way, whereas my boy is completely easy going


lilmum - July 26

Well i have a son, but i also run a dayhome, and we had a little girl only 2months older than my son with us for over a year. I noticed with the two of them that it depends alot on the kid, as well as yourself. For example, my son is very simple with his demands and expectations and when he doesn't get his way, he throws a temper tantrum, while the little girl was alot more devious about things and would think up ways to get her way indirectly. (So if they were fighting over a toy, and i took it away, my son would be on the floor kicking and screaming, she would be sympathetic and cuddly so that when you hugged her, she was taking out of your pocket). Personally, i can see how she would be infuriating at times, but to me i could deal with that, the uncontrollable irrational screaming is what really got to me. My son is very well mannered though, says his please and thank you's, and when he's happy, hes happy, when he's mad, he's mad, where she can hold grudges for a week and gives you dirty looks when she is secretly mad at you, but your not quite sure why. All in all i can definately tell you that it doesn't matter. You will love them no matter what, and they will drive you crazy whether they're a boy or girl.. and you'll both survive! Enjoy things now, they only get LOUDER...LOL


Kelsey - July 26

This is my first baby so I don't know from my own experience - but - when I found out this is a boy EVERYONE in my office told me the EXACT same thing.... "You are so lucky! Boys are SO MUCH easier than girls!!!" I have heard this so much in the past couple of weeks that I'm almost annoyed with it now. I have 3 beautiful nieces and 2 nephews and I can tell you that one of the most challenging of them all is one of the boys! He cried NON-STOP as an infant and it took him FOREVER to potty train. I love him to pieces but it was tough on my sister when he was a baby/toddler. Now he's almost 9 and I can tell you that he is a VERY SWEET, sensitive child. Now... my 8 year old niece on the other hand.... she's developing quite the att_tude. She will roll her eyes and talk back when she is told what she is expected to do. I know this frustrates my sister but it's tricky to deal with this behavior without making her cry. I guess what I'm getting at is - all babies and children are different. Knowing what the differences are according to the s_x of the child is your first step in knowing how to deal with certain behaviors. I think that having a little girl would be WONDERFUL and I hope I have that blessing one day! You will be just fine :)


kris10 - July 26

Thanks for all your replies! Everything said was very similar to the news peice, you especially hit on it lilmum! So - good luck to us all - raising boys AND girls! :)


C - July 27

I've got 2 older boys and a little girl (expecting another girl now again) and I find my boys to be easy going, my daughter is sweet however has her tantrums and the screaming at the top of her lungs thing going on, which was totally a new thing to me. I am looking forward to another girl but yet feel that the boys are easier to raise. I worry about the att_tude of girls that I will have to deal with as they get older, and plus I remember the fights I had with my mother from 13 on....I've since apologized since having my daughter:)


Heidi - July 27

They think I'm having a girl and it scares the c___p out of me when I think of all the drauma I put my mother through all those years!!!! My friend has a boy and two girls and she said, boys are much easier and not as demanding. I'm just terrified my daughter will turn out to be like I was as a teenager! Ha ha! I think god will punish me for sure. Maybe I'll get lucky on my next ultrasound and it'll turn out to be a boy. I know they say it's all on how you raise them but I beg to differ. I've seen the best parents have rotton teenage daughters, and sons for that matter.


Jennifer - July 28

I am a first time mom to be pregnant with a little boy. I have also heard that boys are easier to raise, Like many of you I was a little afraid when we went in for the ultrasound, because I gave my mom hell when I was a teenager. I'm like you heidi I wonder if I'll have a girl one day and it will be pay back time for all the things I did to my poor mother. I'm thrilled about my little boy, but I still want a girl one day. For all you ladies pregnant with girls reading this going oh my god! Look at it this way, I know boys will always love us and probably do things around the house or yard for us when they are grown, a girl turns into a friend one day. yes maybe we are more difficult to raise, I was sa__sy and would argue with a brickwall, but now my mom and I are so close. I think it happend around age 25 It's like I realized, d__n my mom's a smart, fun woman. Both s_xes have their pros and cons. I want one of both. I have 4 nephews and 1 niece that all range from age 2 to 5 and when they are all together the boys are running around yelling and loud, but the girl is sitting quietly playing or talking with one of the adults. I think boys are harder when they are young and girls are harder teenagers.


Kris10 - July 28

Jennifer- I think you are so right. The extra work it takes to raise a daughter pays off in the end. Now my mother and I are close, and together all the time. It's a much different sort of relationship that my husband shares with his mother. I think the saying "Your son is your son until he marries, but your daughter is your daughter until you die" is so true! (I'm still so nervous about the job ahead of me - raising my little girl)! I am so excited too! Can't wait to meet the new little one!


Tammee - July 29

I have a boy that is 10...he is the love of my life. He is truely loves me. He has been so easy to raise....I am just waiting to see what happens when he turns 19. I am expecting agin and would enjoy having a boy all over again! Good luck with your girl!


Mia B - July 29

I'm having a girl too and when I first told my parents they gave me this "eye brow rasing" expression and when I told my boyfriends mom her immediate response was "well a girl is def. gonna be a little harder to raise than a boy". I'm the oldest of six kids (and my stepmoms due in Feb 06), there are 3 girls and three boys right now and I can HONESTLY say me and my 15 year old sister have PROVEN to be quite the handful, and my baby sister (16 months) is already getting a little ATTITUDE problem going when it comes to getting her way. I think a GIRL is harder to raise ESPECIALLY in the latter years but all I plan on doing is MAKING sure she knows she has a LOVING safe stable environment given to her by the BEST of my ABILITIES.



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