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Deirdra - May 31

OK, So Finally finding out the s_x, was a HUGE relief. I am so happy to be having a boy, but now, the hard part comes, NAMES!! Me and my husband cannot agree on anything...we do have a middle name...David, for my grandfather...but no first name...any suggestions???


Erynn21 - May 31

My husband's name is Anthony David, but he goes by Tony, I think it has a nice ring to it, but I am partial. I also think Jonathan David, an I wouldn't do the nickname Jon, I really like the name Jonathan.


AmyB - May 31

if ours is a boy we are naming him camryn, camdin, or chrisitan..and the middle name levi...and we already have a Quenton Dakota and a Carter Rilee!


sophandbob - May 31

Think about a name that you wouldn't mind the shortened form of. Think of one that will suit a baby and and adult. think of one you could put up with - I am a teacher and my favourite name was benjamin, until i taught a horrific child called Ben. I have now picked a different name. A friend of mine had her name picked out by herdad watching the credits of TV programmes, a different way to see a different variety of names other than reading a baby book. My litlte boy is going to be calle tristan William Stuart. other name I have umed and arhhed over are Jacob, Ephriam, George and Samuel. Quite Biblical and old fashioned, but prety timeless.


mcatherine - May 31

My two sons are named Hayes and Hudson ( due 9/06). I also like Miller, Landon, Christian, Vaughn, Smith, and Sawyer. David is an easy middle name to match. Lots go with it. Congrats on your little boy!


NVgirl - May 31

They say people with the same initials are very successful (i.e. Ted Turner). So for me and my DH we are going to try and stay with A names... Since our last name starts with an A. I like Aiden and Austin for boys names and my all time favorite girl name is Alexandria. Good luck in finding a name. ~ Michele


AmyF - May 31

I'm in the same boat, Dierdra. We sort of mentioned a name in front of the family- just hypothetical you know.. and it got bashed. I was so ticked off I'm just telling everyone we'll announce it after he's born. (A family name on DH side is Alan and my mom said it was a 'gay' name) CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! My older sis had ONE friend who is gay and his name is Alan and now my mom thinks EVERYONE who's name is Alan is gay.


AmyF - May 31

DH likes Donovan, but I don't want my son called Don. He wants a name no one can shorten, but I told him forget that. My name is Amy (which is one of the shortest names you can have) and people call me AIM. Go figure.


Angiconda - May 31

We decided on Landon Carter my DH wanted to name him Trent but we decided that if we have another boy we will name him Trent



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