Brand New To The Group And Needing Some Feedback

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mkmotherof5 - March 2

Hey Ladies-Looks like you guys have been chatting for a while so I hope you don't mind a newcomer. I have searched high and low and cannot find an answer to my question. I am 18w 3d and this is my 4th pregnancy and 5th child. I am 5'8' and weighed 150 when I got pregnant so I am not a heavy person. I still cannot feel my baby move no matter what I eat or how stil I lay and it is starting to really stress me out. Everything I can find about this says if this is your first pregnancy or if you are over weight or if you placenta is in the wrong place then maybe that's the reason but none of those apply to me. How concerned do you think I should be at this point? I felt movement very early with all the others.


treshala - March 2

I would say its still a little early...but you are going on your previous pregnancies so i dont know. i didnt feel movement (not flutter cause i confused w/ gas sometimes) movement until maybe...week 22 or so


QueenBeeMama - March 2

Hello, I'm a mother of two and this is my third pregnancy, and with my 2nd pregnancy I felt baby movement at 16 & 1/2 weeks. I'm 20 weeks now and I only have started to feel movement this past week. I was also concerned but I have a fetal doppler at home and was always able to check the heartbeat for rea__surance. My prepregnancy weight and weight gain during pregnancy were almost exactly the same as my previous pregnancies so I was wondering why I felt movement 3 weeks later? I'm not sure, I suspected placental placement may have buffered things until the baby was bigger. I'll know more after my u/s this Wednesday. I'm curious as to the placement, bc that would explain it! I think if you are stressing about it, see if you can run past your dr's office for a quick heartbeat check, and tell them your concerns. Your doctor/nurse should be able to help alleviate your concerns, maybe they can even do a quick u/s?


DDT - March 2

With my 1st pregnancy I felt movement from 16wks on, and now with my 2nd pregnancy it started from about 18wks on. Every woman and every pregnancy is different. There are some factors that could contributing to you not feeling movement could have an anterior placenta or/and you could have high levels of amnotic fluid. Also, the level of activity of your bub could also be a factor. Good luck and try not stress about it! Also, I have a friend who is now 19wks and hasn't felt any movement. After her u/s she was told she had plancenta previa which would be limiting the movement she felt from baby. Just something to keep in mind. GL!


mkmotherof5 - March 2

Thanks guys. I guess you think after you have done this so many times you wouldn't freak out over things but I guess I am living proof that that is not the case. I am scheduled to see my dr this Tues so hopefully he can help. I have already had a few issues this time so I have had 3 u/s to date and the placenta seemed to be out of the way. Does it move around a lot? I thought it just attached and stayed put for the most part.



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