Braxon Hicks

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Krista - May 23

I really need to know whats going on!! I'm 25 1/2 weeks pregnant. I've felt what I thought to be Braxon Hicks over the past couple weeks. On Sunday I had kindof the same thing...but it seemed to last longer and was painful...I finally had to take a bath to make them stop. Then I was up in the middle of the night last night with the same thing....My tummy got so tight and it hurt...almost like cramps but not....? But it didn't just do it for like 30 seconds here and lasted for minutes and least 10..I finally got up out of bed and was walking around my room trying to get them to go away. I'm feeling VERY queazy again today...almost like morning sickness is back! Also, I thought babies were supposed to sleep 90% of the time...but it seems like my little one is ALWAYS awake kicking around. What is going on?


ITSABOY - May 23

krista i have experienced the same thing but not quite as painfull as yours.My first thought was it is braxton hicks but mine lasted about 30 min when i was 20 weeks and it was in the middle of the night i am now 24 weeks it went away by itself hope this helps.


AppleCake - May 23

I am in my second pregnancy now- and I have had loads of BH with both. First time around I hardly noticed them. This time they can be really uncomfortable, even slightly painful at times, and yes some of them seem to go on for ages. I have found that practicing contraction breathing for labour helps ease them, also drinking lots of water. As for baby always being awake- yup, mine is like that too!


JESS1980 - May 23

Krista: I don't have an answer for you about Braxton Hicks contractions. But I do have some info. in regards to your question about the baby sleeping 90% of the time. most cases, a fetus does sleep about 90% of the time. However, at this point, the baby even moves while it's sleeping. He can twist and turn, just like an actual baby does while it's sleeping. So, some of the movements you are feeling are probably "sleep movements." Hope this helps!


CamysMama - May 23

Wow, that answers a lot, Jess! I was beginning to wonder if Camy ever sleeps, she moves so often... I began to worry we might have a hyperactive youngster on our hands soon. Thank you! :o)



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