Braxton Hicks Already Anyone

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sparkles - December 11

I think I'm starting to get braxton hicks already. The last couple days when I rest sometimes, I'll get an achy feeling in my abdomen and then my uterus gets rock hard. It lasts for about 30-60 seconds and then goes away. It doesn't hurt, but is a little uncomfortable at times. I'm calling my md tomorrow to check with them, but thought I'd ask if anyone has started getting these or has had them before in a previous pregnancy.


sparkles - December 11

BTW, I'll be 21 weeks tomorrow.


kr - December 11

Hi I think I had the same thing too I'm 27 weeks now but I felt them around 21 weeks. It happens to me mostly at night. Good luck!


maya - December 11

I'm 18 weeks. and I started feeling my uterus getting really hard at about my 15th week. the first time I didnt know how to describe it.. I told my dh that it felt like things were about to explode. that it was trying to grow but found an obstacle. anyways. cant really say how long mine last. they dont hurt.. and it seems to be a state that lasts for minutes. so long that I dont even realize they finish.


Karen - December 11

Sparkles - I met with my midwife last week and she explained that now that I was at 22 weeks (am now into my 23rd week) - its quite possible that I may begin to feel braxton hicks. She states they should not be painful and explained that I would feel hardening of my abdomen area and then it would loosen. She warned me that if there was any pain a__sociated with the contraction to advise her immediately. She said I would know the difference between braxton hicks and true labour from the fact there would be pain in my v____al area that will move up and then fork at my pelvic area in the case of true labour. Interestingly, at my last ultrasound at 21 weeks we actually got to see my uterus contracting - the tech said it was "exercising" - which is quite normal. I'm sure that you are experiencing similarly normal contractions but clarify with your doctor the difference between braxton hicks and preterm labour contractions. Remember - any pain or major discomfort - please report to your doctor. Take care. Hope this helps.


sparkles - December 11

Thanks, for your responses! Karen, I'm pretty sure that they are braxton hicks. I've never had them before, but they are exactly like what a lot of women describe. They are very irregular and just here and there. Mostly when I'm sitting or resting. I'm a little uncomfortable, but not in any pain. I did read over the pre-term labor pamphlet that my midwife gave me and I'm positive it's not that. I'm just going to call my midwife in the morning to double check that they are braxton hicks. Thanks for the advice!



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