Braxton Hicks Anyone

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San_dee - June 27

I will be 19 wks on saturday, ive been getting braxton hicks for about 2 1/2 weeks now, they dont hurt but they are mighty uncomfortable, i would be lying on the couch and my stomach would go rock hard like its sqeezing my belly and i feel a little dizzy but it only lasts for about 30 secs. I had them with my DS but it was only about 2 weeks before i was due and they were barely noticeable, i drink plenty of fluids, my next dr appt is not for a couple of weeks and just wanted to ask if anyone else had been getting them this early?


scarlett - June 28

I've been getting this type of contractions since I was 18-19weeks. I'm now 22wks and still having them. As long as they dont persist or hurt too much, and aren't accompanied by spotting or major cramping, it's nothing to worry about.


dawnrs75 - June 28

I am only 16 weeks and have noticed this feeling also. My belly seems to get really hard, like it could rip open, I have to take deep breathes to feel better. Your muscles feel like they are stretching to the point they will tear. I asked my doctor yeseterday and he says these are definetly braxton hicks, which happen much earlier after having children already. He did say that since it was following exercise, that is my bodies way of telling me to slow down.


shyann - June 28

I am also getting them and I got 1 in my doctors office while he was checking me and he told me that I need to take it easy and get lots of rest i'm 24 weeks


HannahBaby - June 28

Ugh i get them a few times a day. I hate them, they make me feel very uncomfortable im 25 weeks and started having them around 17-18 weeks. Docs said its totally normal. I never had any with my first baby


christa0120 - June 28

Bh's are normal. Drink lots of fluid an lay on L side if they are bothersome


iakram - June 28

hi san dee i know how you feel - i started getting BH at 16 weeks and thought it was real early since I didn't recall getting BH with my first until later on. I'm now 35 weeks - I think you feel them sooner after baby # 1


SuzieQ - June 28

I started getting them around 19-20 weeks (now at 26 weeks). They don't hurt me, just make my stomach hard. I also get them if my bladder gets too full and I pee (sorry if tmi!) and after s_x.


kelley32 - June 28

Hmmm ... I am 15 weeks and had 1 the other day while I was mopping the floor ... I guess I should take it easy.


San_dee - June 29

Thanks guys for your input, its good to know its not uncommon then :), im just now battling with indigestion, never would have thought that this pregnancy could have been so different to my first


luvacuppajoe - June 29

I never had them with my first, had them only late in the game with my second but now I'm having them with my third since 21 weeks or so. S_x usually brings them on for me. Oops!



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