Braxton Hicks Contractions Please Advise

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guest 1 - January 16

hi ladies...if you have experianced braxton hicks before, then this is a question for you. i know that it is really normal to have them, but i am about 18.5 days along, and i have been having them (my doctor said that it was completly normal), but i feel like i am having too many of them, she said that having some is fine, but if i were to have 10 in an hour to worry about it, however i feel like i am having 10 in a day, and i feel like that is too much also. i know that i am not dehydrated, i drink water like it is going out of style, so therefore, my urine is clear, and free of contaminates, and i eat a well balanced diet as well. do you ladies think that this is something to be concerned with, or am i just being paranoid...also, do you think that i could just be feeling the outline of the baby as it grows, or is the tightening the actual braxton hick contraction? thanks for any advice on this, i am starting to drive my husband crazy lol! take care!


Jenn - January 16

I think your ok, Be sure that you keep up on the water intake as dehydration can cause contractions. Actually, yesterday I had 3 real bad ones-I think it was bc I hadn't had enough to drink and I had diarrhea-tmi. But it is normal, good luck to you!


quest 1 - January 16

thanks jenn...but to reiderate, i know that i am not dehydrated, so that is why i am getting concerned. they seem to be better today, but yesterday and the day before i was getting them constantly...oh well, my appointment is on thursday, so i will ask my doctor again at that time.


Drew - January 16

Don't discount a uti on the basis of drinking plenty of water! I drink TONS of water and got a horrible uti that just won't completely go away. My urine is light in colour and looks clear, but when tested it is very contaminated with bacteria. When you posted 18.5 days, did you mean 18.5 weeks? Sometimes when your baby shifts position it feels like it's all balled up in one spot and can make you feel like your having a bh. So it's possible some of the bh's your feeling may very well be the baby balling up in a "corner". Good luck!! :)


sparkles - January 16

I kept getting braxtons really bad through the whole month of Dec. I would suddenly get strong braxtons every five minutes, and only constantly drinking bucket loads of water would keep them at bay. I got really worried about them, too. My md said that if I got 4-6 in an hour and resting for an hour or so while drinking 2-3 big gla__ses of water didn't help relieve them, I should call her immediately, because it could be pre-term labor. Then the baby took a sudden growth spurt at the beginning of Jan. and I've only gotten braxtons off and on since then. I seem to get pregnancy s/s for only about a month and then they go away. So maybe yours will let up soon. BTW, are you 18 1/2 weeks along?


guest 1 - January 17

lol...yes i am 18.5 weeks, lol, i am not all together these days, and the funniest part is that i re-read this post before i submitted it, and STILL didnt catch it...oh well, anyways. i am also dismissing a uti because i thought that i might have had one a week ago, and my urine was fine, in fact the lady that took the sample had to re-read my results, because the drop was so clean, (weird i know, but that is the second time that i have heard that) anyways, i also am not having any pains when urinating or anything, and being someone who is prone to them even not pregnant, i know what one feels like each time, and am always catching them quickly. thanks again ladies, for all the answers, today they havent been as bad, so i am hoping that the worst is over, this is my first pregnancy, so little things make me nervous here and there, so i appreciate you all being so helpful. take care, and good luck to all of you!


ash - January 17

In my first pregnancy I know I started getting them early, just wasn't recognizing what they were. It was confirmed around 19 weeks that infact what I was feeling were BH contrations. This pregnancy I am only 13 weeks along and get them! I have felt them for a few weeks! Crazy huh!



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