Braxton Hicks Need Advice

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Susanna - January 30

I am about 22 weeks and I have had on and off contractions for about 3 weeks now. I have had many ultrasounds and an ER visit. Everything was fine, but I am still worried. I can't really get a straight answer from the doctors if this is normal or not. If any veteran mom has had these Braxton Hicks contractions this early in there pregnancy, please let me know what the outcome was. Will they go away or lead to a preterm delivery? Please advise. Thanks.


amber / january 20 2005 - January 30

im 21 weeks and have the same problem my docter said usually with your first child the pain is stretching of your uterus to get prepard for delivery in the long run,they say its good if you have them early.


nikki - January 31

what exactly do these feel like anyway?


lidia - January 31

I have been pregnant 4 times and I never heard of this what are braxton kicks?


Susanna - January 31

Braxton Hicks are "false contractions". It feels like your stomach is tightening up and then it relaxes. If these "false contractions" start a regular pattern and become painful and stronger, they could be true contractions and you need to contact a doctor immediately. At this point you could be going into true labor! They say you get Braxton Hicks for many reasons: your body is geering up for real labor, your muscles are stretching, your dehydrated, ect. Hope this info helps.


lidia - January 31

Thanks susanna, I have 3 daughters and pregnant at 15 weeks I do recall having these braxton kicks thanks for the memory up date lol...


Susanna - January 31

Hi Lidia, do you recall how long you had these type of contractions, were they throughout your pregnancy or for a limited time?


Susanna - January 31

Hi Amber, do you know why your doctor said they are "good" to have them early? It seems like I have them all day, on and off, how about you?


lidia - January 31

Hi susanna, as I recall I had them around 1 month pryer to delivering I also had to be indused


amber - February 1

not to get into strong details... but he said said also it can be the cervix stretching (getting prepard) for delivery it doesnt meen an early delivery just that you body is alredy stretching early for the baby to come through !


kRiStY - February 1

Iam 25 weeks pregnant and i have been getting them for about 3 weeks now. I was told it is normal as well.



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