Braxton Hicks This Early Worried

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Newbie - June 27

Hi everyone! I am almost 15 weeks but I have felt my uterus tightening twice now. It gets really hard and then goes away. It just feels like a cramp/pulling. But then when I press on my uterus it feels hard from the outside. Do Braxton Hicks start this early? If so, does it mean that I am already starting to dialate? Thanks so much for your thoughts on this.


JNFR614 - June 27

Don't worry- it is perfectly normal. I have been getting them since 16 weeks & I am now 24 weeks. As long as you don't have 4 or more in an hour you are fine- if you do, call your dr.


mjvdec01 - June 27

I am 36 weeks 1 day with our second child and this time I started having them at 15 weeks. It is no big deal, and no, it doesn't mean you are dialting. It is just your uterus getting some practice in. If they become rythmic, extremely painful, or you could set your watch to them every few minutes then you would want to call the OB. some days I would have them all day off and on. I definitely had more than 4 in an hour, but I have never worried about them.


twinmom2008 - June 28

I'm 15 weeks also. Started having contractions last week. of course, I panicked after 3 hours and called my Dr. He said it was fine unless they were consistent and 4 or more an hour. Also, it was ok unless I started to bleed/spot or have unusual amt of discharge. He offered for me to come in to give me "peace of mind" and he would check me, but I chose to stay laying down and resting, and it did go away. I have been having braxton hicks since then and they last from 3pm-12am usually, but they are very sporatic. Some 8 minutes apart then the next may be 30 minutes apart. Scary at times.....this is my first twin pregnancy so I am really paying attention to every simple detail. LOL Good Luck to you!


stefkay - June 28

Hey! My first ones started at like 15 to 16 weeks and now I'm 39 and WISHING for more dilation, LOL! Don't worry at all as long as they are not painful. They are weird and uncomfortable, but my dr. always said that if I have more than 5 in an hour or if they become painful or if they start coming in regular intervals to call her or go to L&D right away. I would get several a day starting before 20 weeks so don't worry :)


stefkay - June 28

Oh, another thing that usually makes them go away if they start to act up is drink lots of water. They tend to get worse when you are dehydrated. You need much more water than usual in pregnancy so you may feel you are drinking a lot of water and still be dehydrated so always try that first and lie down. Almost always made them go away for me.


Newbie - June 28

Hi JNFR614, MJVDEC01, TWINMOM2008, and STEF: You ladies are wonderful. Thanks so much for answering my questions. You made me feel SO much better. I should have asked about this at my last appt. but I completely forgot! (Probably because I asked about 10,000 other questions!) Again, thanks for sharing your stories with me. It helps put my mind at ease! STEF: Hang in there!!! You are almost there!!! You must be so excited!!! :) YEAH!!!



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