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new mommy - May 9

Ok, I know this is going to sound dumb. My husband really likes Brazilian waxes. Not the whole enchilada but almost. It really hurts but I am willing to do it for him. I am just worried that though I can deal with the pain, it could stress the baby out? Any thoughts?


Robyn - May 9

I was thinking of getting that done also, b/c eventually its going to be hard to see anything yourself down there and you don't want it to look unkept. I don't think it will stress the baby - I think a LOT of women get waxed when pg - just b/c they can't take care of it themselves anymore! No worries - you and teh babe will be fine - and DH will be happy too!


HannahBaby - May 9

I am a liscensed Cosmetologist In Ny state. Some salons will not wax down stairs on pregnant women due to the fact that the skin is much more sensitative, not that you would have a reaction but we had a woman who insisted that we do the wax, and we ripped half of her skin off. Also because your immune system is not the greatest you are putting yourself at risk for infections. I would advise getting the intuition razor (with the shave creme built right in) Its a one step shave and almost impossible to get cut. Without that razor i would not have been able to shave down stairs until i delivered


mcatherine - May 9

I get one every six weeks and I am 23 weeks along. It hurts, but it's much better than having a forest down there. So far, baby is just fine.


Erynn21 - May 9

You can use a trimmer if you want, it's not as close, but it works wonders. If I get waxed I get really bad ingrowns, so I just can't do it, my skin is too sensitive. So I use a trimmer instead it keeps things neat w/out using a razor or waxing, and they're cheap like 15 bucks, and it doesn't hurt.


new mommy - May 10

Well my husband got excited to get it done with so he used a trimmer on my since I am having a hard time seeing down there. Thanks for all the input.



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