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GM - November 14

hi! im just wondering if its normal that once you enter your 2nd tri. your br___t doesnt sore anymore unlike when you're in 1st tri? am i still pregnant? whats happening to my body right now?


Charlene - November 14

For most people, the symptoms that they had in the 1st trimester do disappear. They say that the 2nd tri is the best period so enjoy it.


Tamara - November 14

I hope it's normal cause my b___st soreness went away!! I'm 23 weeks now and haven't had sore b___sts for quite some time now. They are a bit tender (nipples) but that's all.


GM - November 14

Well thats good to hear...Thanks for the feedback


Shawna E. - November 14

The all-over rbeast tenderness went away for me shortly after entering the second trimester. But, like Tamara said, my nipples are tender. Especially when I lay down at night to go to sleep. I think this is a normal progression, from what I have read.


Talia - November 14

i NEVER had b___st or nipple soreness and am definatley pregnant-be glad its gone!


Jennifer - November 14

One of the fun things about pregnancy is that in your second trimester, you lose alot of the early pregancy symptoms. I am not screaming in pain anymore as the cat decides to walk across my b___sts!


post - November 15

These forums are really great to consult other preg women, but at the same time, some of these questions are pretty simple things to look up, especially if you have a few minutes & access to a computer, which it seems you do. I'm not trying to be b1tchy, but it just seems on occasion that some of the things being asked are so rudimentary, really even the first things a women learns (if anything at all) about being pregnant, either from suspecting she is pregnant & finding out what the initial symptoms are, or from going to the doctor.


maya - November 15

post.. you say you are not trying to be b___hy.. well.. maybe then you are just cold. I think we are all here to talk to other women that are in our same situation. not to get medical help. We are here to share some worries we have.. to get warm feedback. perhaps you have tons of pregnant friends to talk to and you dont need it. on this note. I too lost b___st tenderness at about 13 weeks.. I was worried.. since my progesterone level used to be low in the past. and I got paranoid that maybe it had dropped. anyway my doctor then told me that at 9 weeks the baby starts making its hormones and not to worry. So now my question is.. will my b___sts continue to grow in the second trimester though they dont hurt??? I want them to grow!!!! My hubby wants them to grow!! :) ha!


post - November 15

actually maya, if you read my post a little more carefully I brought up that simple, two-minute internet research would unearth many answers to questions ppl are asking here. I said nothing about pregnant friends.


Tess - November 15

Im not too familiar w/ pregnancy and stuff thats why Im trying to relate myself to other pregnant women here. It would be nice if we could hear their experiences and stuff, I understand the part where I can just research it online but c'mon.....thats why they have these forums for pregnant women. Thanks! Im not being rude, Im just trying to explain my situation here. Enough said. Move on......


Ashley - November 16

mayna, I'm not positive but from my experience they seem to grow but not rapidly or a dramatic lot. I'm 27 weeks and I'm up a full cup size, and now they are touchable, which makes hubby happy! :) But I think most, but not all, of the growth was earlier.


maya - November 16

to Ashely. really? so my b___sts arent going to grow any more??? uggggggggggh. I was so looking forward to them continuing to grow. will keep you posted on my size. hahahah! they are now a full B. and dont hurt that much anymore.


tasha - November 16

Mine really havent grown that much and Im half way there. I heard when you b___stfeed is when they get huge! Im scared because Im already a c-cup!


Tess - November 17

tasha, i heard about that too. it gets lumpy and saggy too (i heard) is it true you think?



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