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ThaiMex - February 4

Since my br___ts have grown, along with the darkening of my nipples, I have noticed vericose veins are prominant. Also my br___t skin around my nipples seems to be turning darker and splotchy. Is this normal?!? I'm about 22 wks.


sarahd - February 4

The veins in my b___sts are definitely more noticeable, but I don't have any varicose splotches either, but I hear pigmentation issues are quite common in pregnancy.


c_baer19 - February 5

The veins in my b___sts are also a lot more noticeable, especially after a shower, and my nipples seem to have gotten a little bigger, and my b___sts, a lot bigger - lol.


squished - February 5

Ok, now I'm jealous.....My b___bs haven't gotten that much bigger at all!!!! I barely have b___bs to begin with so I was really looking forward to having the big( or should I say bigger) b___bs before my stomach got too big, but nope! They've gotten a little big bigger, but nowhere near what most others seem to get. One of my friends is up a cup size and is like me 16w along. Jealous, jealous! :)


ThaiMex - February 6

Thanks for all the rea__surance ladies! :)


Tammy276 - February 6

it is normal for your veins to become more prominent and blue in the chest when you are pregnant.....Squished don't worry, they will grow AFTER you deliver and your milk comes in. When I was preggo w/ my son, I went from an A cup to a C cup after I delivered....this time I went to a B so far, so I'm sure I'll be a C again after I enjoy them if you b___stfeed because after you stop, they go bye bye and sometimes become smaller (and trust me, even small ones can sag!)


squished - February 6

Become SMALLER? Oh my god if they get smaller afterward I'll have nothing left :) At least I'll have them for a little while!


Val - February 6

ThaiMex - I have both the veins and splotches too. And my b___sts are a lot bigger... I'm wishing they weren't so big already - getting nervous about how big they will end up!



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