Breast Feeding VS The Bottle

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Louise - October 17

i want the best of br___t milk for my baby but i want to bottle feed so my boyfriend can feel included and help with the feeds! can i use a br___t pump straight away or does the baby have to suckle to start the br___t flow of milk? also iv put on alot of excess weight, so will the br___t pump help me to loose weight as it would if i br___t fed my baby or does it take the sucklin of a baby?! if anyone could help me please!! . can i


jen - October 17

With my first child, we started giving her one bottle a day when she was 2 weeks old and she had no problems transitioning. I've heard that this is not always the case though. As for using a b___st pump right away, I'm sure you would be fine doing it once a day but you may find that feedings take a long time in the beginning and if your baby eats every 2-2 1/2 hours you feel like you are always feeding and getting out the b___st pump is going to be the last thing that you want to do. My advice is to b___st feed exclusively until you feel like both you and the baby have it mastered. Then introduce the bottle.


m - October 17

It would be so much easier just to b___stfeed, you will get so tired of pumping and dumping, your man will get plenty of time to bond with the baby.. and you are not supposed to give them a bottle until after 6wks if you are b___stfeeding because it will confuse them, it's a great bond for you an your baby and trust me i used to go to wrk and pump and it gets old, and if you are going to pump and dump all the time, it will really get old fast but good-luck


KFish - October 17

I was in the hospital after an emergency c-section. My child was a premie. I pumped to stimulate my milk. He was fed via bottle until I got him home. As for nipple confusion, I had no problems getting my son to b___stfeed after we brought him home from the Hospital. He latched on fine.


Jennifer - October 25

From what my friend said, she nursed for the first 3 days, and then began pumping and her husband bottle fed as soon as her milk supply got up. She said that it takes a full 48 hours for the pumping you do to get your supply up enough to get 2 feedings of milk pumped the first time. If you keep pumping, you can become virtually a milk supply. My friend pumps right now for a little boy in Canada whose mother was unable to nurse him for whatever reason, and she gets probably 6 feedings a day from pumping, and she's also nursing her own daughter. (she double pumps 3 times a day)


Ashley - October 25

Louise - your body burns calories by making the milk, so even if you are pumping, your body is still getting essentially the same benefits, and will help you loose weight, ect. I have two books, and both say that you should eat 500 more calories a day when nursing which is 200 more than when you are pregnant!! Wow!! Lol, I hope this helps you. Props on going with b___st milk, but I agree you might get tired of the pumping, that is only my thoughts, I haven't done this before. I'm due in Feb with our first! :)



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