Breast Feeding With Nipple Ring

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Christy - June 13

I have a nipple ring, I have had it for almost a year. I really enjoy it but I want to br___t feed it that going to be a big deal?? When should I take it out or dod I even need to?? Anyone??


Sarah - June 13

That is actually an interesting question, because I was wondering the same thing! I wanted to get one, but was wondering if it would have problems on my feeding. Sorry I couldnt help you out. :) I will be waiting to hear the answer as bad as you are, though! Good Luck!


Jessie - June 14

Good question, I don’t know. But you know what would be funny, is if you squirted milk from the front than the sides too from the piecing.


Rachel - June 14

I would definatly take it out while feeding. The baby will need to latch on to the nipple and as much of the areola as possible. The ring will prevent that. not to mention the medal will not be good for the baby to have in his/her mouth. Just take it out while you feed. The rest is up to you.


Candise - June 14

My sister has her b___st pierce and removes the jewlery for feeding. She says the baby likes that one better becasue of the scar tissue. If your not a good healer or haven't had previous peircings to know, wait till after b___st feeding. I had both my nipples pierced but they are very slow to heal (third time pierced, I eventually 'reject') so I removed them. If you do decide to remove it treat it like it is a brand new piercing with soaking and other after care so it heals properly.


Christy - June 20

Should I be taking it put now to let it heal?? or can I wait until after, like when the baby is born??


sara - June 20

in my experience i had mine out long enough for them to heal and the milk came out every hole..i am now pregnant with my 3rd baby 4 years later and it still comes out of every hole...good luck..i plan on b___st feeding still.


Christy - June 21

So do take it out now or does it matter? I also have my Who Ha pierced when should I take it out? Anyone?


sara - June 21

Cristy, if you are planning on bf i would still take it out..if not, i wouldn't bother. i don't know about the other one.


Misty - June 22

Take it out a month ahead of time or however long you thing it'd take to heal. If you've had it for awhile you may just be able to take out right before the baby comes. Did you ask your doctor his/her opinion? I wouldn't want to leave it in and let the baby have it in his/her mouth. Would it matter if u kept the one in you who-ha? lol-funny way to say it. I wouldn't think so... ask your doc. Good luck


The Other Christy - June 22

I am the "other Christy." I think you should ask your doc about when the best time to remove your piercings is. It isn't a question of if you should do it, but when. The b___st one(s) would have to go b/c the baby can choke on the ring or have issues latching on. You'll have to remove the "who ha" one sometime before your due date, cuz that can hurt (and maybe tear more than normal) when the kid is pushing its way out of there. I also wonder about any infection risk that may be posed to the baby as well. Definitley talk to your doc/midwife about it.


Christy - June 22

Thanks girls!! You are a really big help!



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