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hr - April 24

When do you have the most growth in your chest?


Julie - April 24

I don't know but I am almost 16 weeks and just bought all new bras I am very busty these days went from a 34 B/C cup to a 34 D. I hope they don't get any bigger I won't be able to hold myself up!


Tarah - April 24

Lol Julie! Yeah, your b___st are one of the first things to start growing! It's like you just wake up and bam...where'd those come from??? I am 25 weeks right now and I'd say mine started growing at about 12 weeks. Some women start earlier or later! Good luck!


lyn - April 24

mine grew a haf a cup size (full A to a small B) What kind of c___p is that. i was so excited to finally get some b___bs and got the shaft. Especially since I wasn't sick or anything in the first trimester, but no at 18 weeks they are just sitting pretty in there small B cup bra.


Sara - April 24

I have the same problem lol went from a 34c to a 34d I am 22 weeks whats real bad is once you have the baby they just get enormous!


tam - July 17

I am 20 weeks and mine have not grown at all I don't think. I just have a lil problem with leaking.


Ruth - July 17

You guys are lucky. Pre-pregnancy I wore a 40DD (which is an E) and as soon as I became pregnant they started growing (as if they needed to). They're still growing. I am 29 weeks and I currently wear a 42H. I've grown 3 cup sizes and the major growth doesn't even come until the last month!!! You should be grateful to have small b___sts. I have so many back and posture problems and now with my protruding stomach, that doesn't help matters much either.


Jackie B - July 17

I am 27 weeks and still at my original 36c. No changes, a little leakage but that is all. I was told they get really big right after the baby is born.


Jennifer - July 18

I was wondering the same thing. I'm 18 weeks and my b___st definitley feel heavier, but my cup size hasn't changed. I wonder if that is normal. I'm normaly a 36-D, and I still am. I thought maybe because I was busty to begin with that maybe they wouldn't "grow" as much, but I see other women who are also "busty" saying that they have.


Courtney - July 18

I now have bras from 34B (prepregnancy) to 34D now at 12weeks. And I'm popping out of the Ds!!! How much bigger are they going to get? Do they keep growing the whole pregnancy and after? Hubby doesnt mind *wink* but they are so gosh darn heavy.


jrey - July 28

I started out at a small 34 B- I am 8 weeks and am already a full 34 C. They are definately perkier and heavier. I wonder if they will continue to grow??? and at what rate. Will stretch marks be a problem?


Ca__sie - July 28

I don't remember when they started growing. My pre-pregnancy size is a 34 B. I think around 13 weeks I went up to a 34 C, and now at 20 weeks I am a 34 D. I have a feeling they will just keep on getting bigger. I kinda wish they wouldn't though. I'm happy with the 34 D. I'm used to lightweight b___sts.... now they seem so heavy! :-/


Angela - July 28

Mine haven't grown at all yet!! :( I'm 12 weeks.



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