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leticia moore - October 22

hi just wondering how many of you are br___tfeeding and who is bottle feeding. i am having a really difficult time deciding what to do. i want to br___tfeed because it is best for baby and free (or at least much cheaper) but the idea of br___tfeeding does not appeal to me. plus i want husband and family to help with feedings and have a little freedom from my baby once in a while. i know you can pump but you cant bottle feed for at least 3-4 weeks after they are born if you bf. any ideas??? thanks


Hi leticia - October 23

You might want to try this question at the b___stfeeding or newborn care forums. I am a first time mom and I too struggled w/ this decision. I mean b___stfeeding is sooo -ugh- but there are so many benefits. I am going to try. As for the hubby/family feedings you can pump and feed baby w/ a bottle. Or you can pump and always feed baby from the bottle if you really don't want to b___stfeed. But I figure you will never know until you try! Good Luck!


K - October 23

leticia, I'm having the same problem. I think I'm going to try b___stfeeding & see how it goes. It doesn't really appeal to me at all either.


Marlene - October 23

I'm going to b___stfeed but when i go out in public or other peroples homes i'm pumping before i go so i can bottlefeed.I'm not big on the whole pulling my b___st out in public.


Maggie - October 23

OMG Leticia, that is exactly how I feel. I feel like I should because I know its the best thing to do. I just can't wrap my brain around the whole act of b___stfeeding. I didn't b___stfeed my son b/c I was only 21 when I had him and I didn't even consider it b/c I thought it was too weird. Now that I'm older I understand why I should but I feel like I won't be able to handle it. Its a really hard place to be in. What do you think you are gonna do?


shelly - October 24

I'm decided to bottle feed. I thought about b___st feeding and decide bottle feeding is the way to go for me


Hi - October 24

for me there is no question, i am b___stfeeding. after awhile i might start to pump so that my dh husband can feed the baby as well. I am just curious,(and whatever you choose to do is your decision and i don't want this to come out the wrong way) to the ones who does not want to b___stfeed, why not? why do you think it is not appealing? I am like i said just curious because to me it was just never a question because of the benefits, the closeness to my new baby, and yes i will save a couple of dollars! I am expecting my first in March.


Ashley - October 24

Yeah, for me there is really no question either - b___stfeeding. I'm due with our first in Feb, and dh's boss even told him at work that the most expensive part of having a kid is the cost of formula! We really have a tight budget as it is, lol. I have one sis in law that pulls it out in public and flaunts it, and yet I know other moms that quietly do their thing and you never really know when it's going on. To me it really isn't a $$ issue, although it is a nice bonus. It's just the most natural thing in the world, and takes less work on my part, reduces my b___st cancer risk, and helps me burn an xtra 1,000 calories a day. Who can beat that? I want my figure back! ;)


Beth - October 24

Ashley-I thought it was 5,000 calories a day. It also helps your uterus contract back to regular size after giving birth. I don't understand why it isn't sppealing to people either? Bottles need to be starilized, hauled around, and when my baby wakes me up at 4 am, I don't want to have to prepare a bottle. Plus the colostrum, which is the first thing that comes out of your b___st gives your baby antibodies that help to prevent infection and gives your baby the exact amount of fat, calories, nutrition that your baby needs, I don't understand why people don't want to b___st feed, oh another plus, those poos are alot less stinky when the baby has been fed b___st milk as opposed to formula....just another plus I guess..


lisa - October 24

it's 500 calories, not 1000 or 5000, you eat 5000 calories in more then 2 days!!


leticia - October 24

i am going to do both. try to b___stfeed when i am alone and bottle feed in public. i guess part of the reason i am uncomfortable with b___stfeeding is because i am unfamiliar with it. no one in my family ever nursed and all of my friends are shocked when they find out i will be trying to. Even though it seems in the recent years b___stfeeding has made a big comeback, alot of people are still uncomfortable with it and no matter how silly I know that is, it still makes me a little nervous. I also know there is nothing like feeding a newborn baby and i really want my husband to have this bonding experience with our baby and look forward to the help! And lastly I am afraid of the pain! But all in all I know b___stfeeding is best and i feel i do owe to my baby to at least try. Thanks to all of you for your feedback!


Jill - October 24

I am going to bottle feed. I also struggle with b___stfeeding being best for baby and myself. But I am a DD pre pregnancy. I don't think I can handle even bigger b___bs! I also want my husband and mother to help. And pumping takes time. I plan to work part time at home (self employed) so it will be a lot easier for me to not have to deal with pumping. (Mom or husband will be watching baby when I work). What I will most likely do is try it for a week or two. That way the baby gets the colostrum, but my b___bs will be back to normal when I start working at 4-6 weeks.


Preggo - October 25

Like you Jill, I too was already a DD. The idea of these things getting bigger and sagging is down right depressing, but I am going to b___st feed and pump to feed my little tike in public. No way I'm pulling one of these bad boys out in public to scare the kids!!


Jennifer - October 25

For those of you ladies who are adverse to b___stfeeding, may I ask why? I have a friend who still b___stfeeds her 1 yo, and the bond they have is unbelievable. Also, she b___stfeeds no matter where she is.. she wears long shirts and just tucks baby's head underneath, and baby knows how to find the nipple herself without a bunch of guidance. I am sad that due to social conditioning people feel weird to b___stfeed, even though women have been doing it for thousands of years. Think of all the benefits of b___stmilk, not to mention the benefits to your uterus after birth. I think baby needs that time to be able to bond with mommy. I will definitely b___stfeed, no question. Not only are the benefits for the baby so great, but the price of formula is HUGE and plus, think of this... b___stfed babies rarely have stinky poo, while formula fed babies' diapers always reek to high heavens!


leticia - October 25

i absolutley respect b___stfeeding and know it is best but i explained why i am uncomfortable with it, i am unfamiliar with it and no one i know has ever done it. i know it is silly to be a little weirded out by it and it is natural but i just am. and as i mentioned i keep hearing how painful it is. has anyone successfully just pumped and bottle fed? thanks for all of your opinions.


Amy - October 26

I have b___stfed all 3 of my children and plan on doing so with my next, I have never experience any pain with nursing, with the exception of the 1st week. But it was easily fixed with the nursing cream you put on your b___sts after nursing. Also go without a bra for a week at night or whenever you can. It toughens up the nipples. Do this before delivery. So those of you worried about the pain I would have to say that that was not a problem for me.


Tess - October 26

I am definitely b___stfeeding my baby :P No questions ask.



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