Breast Pump Advice Wanted

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yourtrish - April 7

Hi ladies, I'm putting together my Baby Registry and wanted to know if you've heard any advice on which B--t Pumps are the best to buy. Money isn't an issue, but obviously I don't want to waste it either, so I'd really appreciate your input on this one. It's our first baby so obviously I have NO IDEA!!! Thanks so much and take care.


skn331 - April 7

It kind of depends on how much you are going to use it. Are you going to go back to work and need to pump there? Or are you going to bf mostly and pump a little to store. They sell double pumps (which I'd recommend if you are working) or single pumps. Manual (dont buy one of these) and electric. Medella is a very trusted brand. That is what I bought and I have several friends who have also used the same brand. Works great. There are several different styles based on your needs.


me - April 9

My adivce would be to rent on for a month from the hospital and see if pumping is for you. If you are going to pump all the time, then investing on one may be the thing for you to do, and I also heard Medala is a good choice. If you are going to b___stfeed mostly and pump on occasion, then a manual might do for you, which I heard Advent is a good choice. Hope that helps!


Laurabb4 - April 10

Hi, I tried many different brands with my first baby. Only the nice Medela double worked best. It was the most comfortable. I would say follow the others advice. The cheaper pumps are uncomfortable!!! A manual pump for occasional pumping is not a bad idea. You want to be comfortable if you are going to pump often. Take care.


AmyF - April 10

First time mom here- I hope this doesn't make me sound like a complete idiot. Can you just pump and not bf?


crisy - April 10

Hi. The best b___st pump is the electrical one made by Medela. They have the double pump or the mini electric one. If you want a manual pump you can also go with medela or avent brands. I live in Canada so the price for an electrical double pump is almost 400$, the mini-electric one is about 150$. If you buy a manual pump it could range between 60 to 70$. If you are planning to give only expressed b___stmilk to your baby without b___stfeeding I think that the double pump will be the best. If you are planning to b___stfeed most of the time the mini-electric pump will be enough. I am also having my first baby and I am planning to buy the mini-electric pump. The manual pumps are not that effective acording to a lot of women who tried them. I hope this helps you. Take care.



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