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dee - February 7

hi save unnecessary spending, hubby has suggested to wait and see if i need a br___t pump after birth. i plan on br___t feeding. just wondering if u all think that it is a compulsary item to have? i plan to not go back to work during br___t feeding. i understand that hand expressing is time consuming, have any of you hand expressed your milk? how did you handle it? thx for ur opinions.


lindsay - February 8

i absolutely recommend a b___st pump! as a matter of fact, i intend to purchase or possibly rent a double electric b___st pump this time around... it was definitely exhausting work pumping one b___st at a time manually... if i wasn't doing that i was b___stfeeding! it took my son and i about 3 weeks to get the hang of feeding together... plus my husband began having issues of wanting to participate in feedings as well. i can't even imagine my nursing life w/out a pump but am certainly looking forward to it again this time around!! :)


dee - February 8

thx lindsay. was also wondering if i actually need a b___st pump? i dont need to leave bubs and do you only really use it for dad's chance to feed bubs? or to go out? thx


^lucy^ - February 8

hi dee,, im going back to work after my maternity leave for only 1 month which is gonna be my notice period before resigning to take care of my first baby.. anyway,, i decided to get a b___st pump for occasional use as i'll be b/f my girl.. i plan to use it in case me and DH wanna go out alone and leave our baby with my mom, i dont like formula as long as i am able to give her all the milk supply she needs.. and also if ur going to visit someone's house and ur taking ur baby with u, it would be better to feed him/her with the bottle instead from b/f him/her, that's what i think.. also if ur going to a mall or a restaurant or anywhere,, so ur baby won't be screaming until u reach a private place to b/f him/her,, u can use the bottle where u expressed b___st milk in.. hope this helps u in making up ur mind whether to get one or not.. im getting a manual one cz its much cheaper since i'll be only using it occasionally :)


Tess - February 8

I would definitely recommend to get a b___st pump.....either way it would be helpful for you. I haven't bought mine yet but Im still waiting "if" ever I might get that in my baby showet but still.....either or WE will get one...My friends have recommended that it is very necessary to have one.....for emergency purposes plus you never know when you would need it. Goodluck!


lindsay - February 8

to dee... no , i used my pump ALL the time! i meant to clafify that since my son and i had a hard time getting the hang of things, i needed to pump to keep up my milk supply and it was wonderful never having to give formula.... we eventually started him on a 50/50 ratio of b___st milk to formula to help ease in the transition to going exclusively on formula( this was at 6 months old... i would have liked to have b___st fed longer but it got harder and harder once i went back to work. i did go back to work 6 weeks postpartum, but as business picked up ,i couldn't express as agressively to keep up supply.) this doesn't seem to be an issue with you if you are not returning to work for some period of time , but like lucy said, it's great if you want to go out and don't have an intimate area to nurse in, or want to leave baby w/ sitter. ideally, b___stfeeding should be the easiest and most natural thing in the world (and is with hard work, ironically!) . i'm sure some babies latch on right away right after birth but i wasn't so lucky... it was physically and emotionally exhausting work, but i was determined to not give up and it was SO worth it and having the pump allowed me to do it! so, good luck to you, i hope your experience is a most fulfilling one( i'm SURE it will be). and hey, you don't have to invest in an expensive pump... most manuals can be purchse for $20-$30 and storage containers/bags are reasonable, too. if you feel like you really don't want or need a pump, maybe wait a couple of days and see how baby does... your milk won't come in until a couple of days later anyways... but if baby has trouble staying latched, you might think about getting one just in case.... :)


dee - February 9

all you ladys have a really good point. i didnt think about the fact that bubs might not latch on properly...and a drop in milk supply so early would be devastating for me so maybe i will just get a manual pump just in case...and im sure that we will want to leave bubs with a relative for some us time...u guys were a great help


kimc - February 14

What's the difference between manual and electric? Does anyone have a preference of one over the other? I know the electric ones are a lot more expensive...


Em - February 14

I started out with a cheaper battery or plug in pump but I still had trouble getting my milk to keep up with my son. When I went back to work I bought a Medela pump in style daily use pump which was much better than the little pump. If you might need to pump everyday due to latching problems or are going back to work a daily use pump is a necessity!


Chan - February 14

I b___st pump is a must!! I am a stay at home mom and when my milk finally came in I got so engourged that my son could not latch on so I had to pump for a few mintues. I had to do this for about 2 weeks. My son never took bottles so I didn't pump that offten, but when he was 6 months old and started him on cereal he would only eat it with b___st milk. I am so so glad I had it.


Jamie - February 16

I agree, at least a small manual pump is a necessity. Even if you don't need to go back to work, you still will want to leave your baby with a sitter once in a while, or have Dad feed him/her or something - it can be very stressful nursing an infant every 3 hours with no relief. Not to mention, my daughter is now 6 months old, and as she has more solids, she has dropped a nursing session, but I still get engorged at that time - so I pump it's taken about a week, but I've stopped getting engorged at that time.


Angie - February 20

To "kimc" - the main difference between the manual pump and the electric pump (other than price) is how well it drains the b___st. Hand held pumps work okay, but have a harder time trying to get the hind milk from your b___sts. The electric pumps have more suction thus the better extraction. From b___stfeeding my daughter (for four months) the electric pump worked better and was less exhausting on my hands and less irritating on my b___st. Each person is different and even though the electric pumps are more expensive, they are a time saver, just make sure you choose one with multiple suction speeds to transition properly (too much suction can hurt). It is also great to have a manual one just in case an electrical outlet is not available. I hope this helps you guys.


livdea - February 20

I heard that Avent has a manual pump that works wonders! Several random women including my sister are swearing by this, I don't know if electric is better or what but I'm going to go for the manual to try first. I'm planning on purchasing the Avent when the time comes!!


CBC - February 20

I recommend a b___st pump! There are cheap electric ones that work just as good as the expensive ones. I used a dual electric pump made by First Years for 12 months with my first child. I have recently saw the same pump @ for $29. That pump was great. I was able to let my sister borrow it when she had her child. I stayed at home with my first child and still had to pump 3X a day.


Jamie - February 20

To livdea - I have the Avent manual, and it's pretty nice. The only complaint I have is that unless I hold it at an unreasonably awkward angle that I can't even begin to describe, it tends to leak - just little driplets, but leaks nonetheless, usually all over my hands.



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