Breast Worries

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Ayda - March 9

I had small br___ts before pregnancy and now I'm in 17 week and my br___ts are bigger then before but not much, maybe half of size bigger. I'm worry about br___tfeeding! Anyone else has this problem? Will my br___ts grow a bit more?


Michelle - March 9

From what I hear, it is not a problem. They will grow enough for your baby. I am also 17 weeks, and started as an A. I am now in a C, but I feel the same way, that they are still too small. There is still a lot of growing time left, so I wouldnt worry! Ask your Dr at next visit and I am sure he will rea__sure you.


citrouille - March 9

I'm at 11 weeks and wear a C. My b___bs have gotten a tiny bit bigger but not much.. will they continue to get bigger in the coming weeks?


Beth - March 9

I am 15 weeks and wore a c, I am now more like a D, I don't want them any bigger, haa haa


Lucky1 - March 9

I am 13 weeks and I wore and still wear an A. So, talk about not having enough b___st.... I am not concerned because My b___st are fuller but I can still fit my old bras.... I'm hoping to move up in size for a while....


citrouille - March 9

IT isn't the size that counts anyway.. That is for sure! I've read everywhere that it doesn't matter how big your b___bs are. I'm just wondering if b___sts continue to grow during the rest of the pregnancy after the first 3 months?


rae - March 10

from the cla__ses i'm taking it shouldn't matter. i'm not if you'll get bigger but i'm up to a DD. trade


Aida - March 11

really citrouille, are b___sts continue to grow after first trimester? It seems to me that my b___sts grew in second month and then stoped! But, I heard somewhere that in last trimester will grow a bit more cause of milk and even after birth. Is that true?


jenhanc__k - May 9

i too wear an A cup and barely fill it out. i have been wondering...for you ladies with smaller b___sts and also haven't grown much, have you had much tenderness? i am 6 weeks and 2 days along and i have off and on b___st tenderness.



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