Breastfeeding And C Sections

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zinger43 - February 20

Ok...this may be a dumb question, but can you still br___tfeed if you have a c-section? From what I understand a lot of pain medication is needed to get through the healing. Doesn't that pass through the br___tmilk??


krnj - February 20

Hi yes I had a friend who b/f and had a c-section. I had a c-section but didn't b/f.


suze42 - February 20

You can bfeed after a c-section. They say the meds do not pa__s thru the b___st milk. The strongest meds are given the first 24 hrs via IV...then after that you are given percocet and advil. Your b___st milk doesnt actually come in for 3-5 if your baby gets anything those first 24 hrs its not much..just colostrum. (sp). I only took the painkillers in the hospital...and maybe a few days after my milk came in...but I was tapering them down by then anyway. I ended up bottlefeeding but it was b/c DS wasnt latching and I was very very fatigued. But give it a try!


sahmof3 - February 20

It's definitely possible. I had c-sections with all three of mine and b___stfed all three... the 1st for about 11 months, 2nd for about 9 months and 3rd for a little over a year... so, yeah, definitely possible. I needed pain meds a little longer after my 3rd baby... for about 2 weeks... because I was overdoing it caring for a 5yo, 17 month old and newborn... but I was rea__sured that the Percocet was fine for b___stfeeding. Good luck!


pebblesnbambam - February 20

Yes.. I b___stfed and had a c-section. I really had the same concern but they will only give you meds that are safe. I fought taking the pain meds and tried to be "tough" but it was not worth it!


DownbutnotOUT - February 20

I b___stfeed all my babies after my csections, heck my daughter insisted on being b___stfeed well I was in recovery and could barely move my legs lol. The pain medication they gave me after my csections was tylenol 3 and I do know tylenol is safe to take during pregnancy as well so I a__sume it is perfectly safe to take while b___stfeeding. My 2st csection was the only one that I used my whole prescription (10 days worth), with my 2nd I took 1 tylenol 3 after I left the hospital on day 2 and that was it, with my third I thikn I used tylenol for a day or two out of the hospital because of the pain.


DownbutnotOUT - February 20

my 1st* csection


suze42 - February 20

Thats so wierd.. after my c-section I told them I was going to b___stfeed...They had me hooked up to an IV w/MORPHINE!?? I was kinda freaked out...I asked the nurse if I really need something that strong..I was only on the morphine for overnight...and frankly I hardly pushed the b___ton to dispense it...After that they put me on Percocets...and I ended up bottlefeeding by the 4th day in the hospital. But I wonder why they had me on something so strong. I hope they dont this gonna discuss w/doc. I had no clue what was happening to me the first time! :(


MNMOM - February 21

yes of course you can. I have 2 friends who each had 2 csections and b___stfed both babes without issue.


sahmof3 - February 21

suze42... I also had morphine after the birth of my third. Well, I woke up from surgery with no pain meds (not cool!) and when I could talk I asked for something and I got the morphine while in recovery. After about 45 minutes they said I could either stay in recovery wih the morphine awhile longer or I could go to my room and get Percocet there, so I chose going to my regular room so I could see my son sooner. I had been under general anesthesia, so I hadn't even laid eyes in him at that point!!! I had him at 2pm and finally saw him for the first time at 9pm (because I was very out-of-it for a few hours while waking up from the GA). In my room I was hooked up to something and thought it was maybe morphine, but no such luck... it was Pitocin lol. They wanted to help my uterus shrink faster after having a big baby. Gosh... even w/ a c-section I couldn't escape "the Pit" LOL.


suze42 - February 21

sahm3, Wow you really got the full on treatment!! I know I felt like I had run the whole gamut of child birth--- induction, full on labor, lots of drugs, c-section, more drugs!! I hope to eliminate a few of those steps on this next one! I wonder why they had me on morphine out of recovery? Oh well, I guess we all survive dont we? lol I hope your next delivery is easier as well!


MNMOM - February 21

morphine is pretty standard pain management after major surgery like a c-section.


suze42 - February 21

I think it just concerned me b/c my grandmother had just died of uterine cancer and they had her on morphine in the end.


KellyCano - March 16

I was given morphine / pain pills after my 2nd c-section and it makes the baby very sleepy but other then that it is safe for the small amount of time you take it.



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