Breasts Wrinkly Amp All Shriveled Up

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LK - September 12

I'm over 5 month now and my br___ts are getting all shriveled up sometimes... all wrinkly and stuff... Is this normal?? Anyone know what's going on?? Please help.


Ca__sie - September 12

Are you talking about getting stretch marks on your b___sts? Those can sometimes give them a less smooth appearance, but I don't think they should look shriveled up. In fact, they should probably be getting bigger and fuller.... Hope this helps.


to lk - September 13

you need to talk to your doc they should not shrivel up...they should look bigger and fuller good luck with that hon


LK - September 13

My b___sts did get bigger, but it's only on the nipples side thats getting all shriveled up... Any ideas?? or anyone know?? Please help!!


Ashley - September 14

LK, I think I know what you are talking about. My nipples did that, too. Then the areolas got bigger. Sometimes they are wrinkled after I take off my bra, but it goes away after a while. I'm not sure if this is still happening, at 17 weeks my bb's look more like mountains covered with blue veins! I even have veins in the brown part! I try not to look at them too much right now, lol. They are scary looking.


To Ashley or anyone else who k - September 14

So does this mean it's ok. Mine don't have any veins, but it gets all wrinkly and shriveled up on the brown part. It happens for awhile and then goes away... Is this ok. I mean does this mean I'm going to have problems with b___stfeeding or any other complications there might be?? Help!! Very worried.


Confused - September 14

LK, my areolas (the brown part) have always done that...even when I wasn't pregnant. What will happen, since I've b___stfed my other children, is that when you go to nurse, it'll shrivel up (wrinkle) and more of the areola can fit in the baby's mouth. You want as much of it to go in the baby's mouth, as it'll help with b___stfeeding. It's perfectly normal, so don't worry.


LK - September 15

Wow! Thanks really! It's jus that i've never paid attention to my body as much as now... thanks alot.


Cindyluu - August 4

Breastfeeding breast


Cindyluu - August 4

...? Why is everyone else's "breast" cut off? -.- unless its auto. It shouldn't be. It's JUST BREASTS



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