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reblurich - September 19

Right now baby is in breech position. Straight up and down. His head has constantly been in my ribs. I have tried putting by hand and pushing him to move but that is not working. I have tried laying in different positions. Not working. This is about to make me stand on my head......Anyone have any suggestions? I can even sit comfortably.


reblurich - September 19

I meant to say Can't sit in a comfortable position.


sarah21 - September 20

Man that sound horribly uncomfortable! My boss had her son's feet in her ribs and was miserable, but I can't imagine a head. Have you talked to your doctor? They might be able to move the baby around depending on how much room you've got in there still. Maybe try posting this question on the 3rd trimester board if you don't get any response here, because they have been through this more than some of us.


reblurich - September 20

Thanks I did but haven't gotten a response. It seems there is a lot more on the third trimester than on second. They are very active over there.


Tory1980 - September 21

How far on are you? Breech babies at this stage of pregnancy often move and it isn't a real concern until close to delivery. You can try at term to turn the baby but my aunt has had this done with three babies and within a matter of a few hours they have turned themselves back round again! She delivered two but the third required a c-section as the cord was wrapped around the baby. Unfortunately though some babies are just comfortable that way and nothnig you can do will change it's position. You could try lying on floor on your hands and knees with your bum up in the air and your head on your hands - I have heard that works. Or look up some positions on the internet or talk to your Doctor/Midwife for ideas.


Tory1980 - September 21

Oh forgot to say - some people try playing music to your pelvis as this sometimes gets the babies attention or to shine a torch on your pelvis. Sounds strange but they often get curious and sometimes they will turn to see what is gonig on!


tracielee - September 21

Here's a website i found on natural ways to turn a breech baby... hope it helps! w w w. beautiful-births. com/content/resources/breech.html


reblurich - September 21

Thanks I am 24 weeks, I know they turn towards the end. But the issue I am having is his head is constantly in my ribs.



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