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Tess - November 14

hi..i had some light bleeding w/ no abdominal pain during my 12th wk. *everything was fine according to Dr.* Last wednesday 11/09 I saw my Dr. and told him that I had some brown colour discharged, he said I shouldnt worry because its an old blood from the wk I had some light bleeding and he said its normal. Well now Im entering my 14th wk this Friday 11/18 and since then Ive been seeing that brown discharged on my liner instead of the regular white colour discharged.......Should I be worried? or Am I just thinking too much. Need help!


Emy - November 14

Tess, I am not sure what to tell you, but if I were you, I would definitely call the doctor again just so that he can rea__sure you. I am sure it is just old blood but best to hear what your doctor has to say.


Tess - November 14

Thanks Emy for your comment. I just called my doctor's office and spoke to a midwife.....she said its normal for me to have that brown discharge coz of the bleeding I had the wkend of halloween. She offered to see me this afternoon to hear the baby's heartbeat but I declined it.......I do feel the baby is fine (just maternal instict) Now I feel alot better.... :)


Terra - November 15

Hi Tess. I would keep an eye on it.. any coloured discharge at this point could be cause for concern, not always, but better to keep an eye, and keep getting reasurance from your doc, with an ultrasound or something to ease your mind.. I had brown spotting, off and on from about 7 wks- 9, that the doc, said, oh it's normal.. then I lost the baby.. I was earlier then you. so my case was a bit different, but with my first I had NO spotting at all, and with this pregnancy (almost 21wks) I have had no spotting..


Tess - November 15

Terra, thanks for your concerns :P I would have gone to the Dr. yesterday when my midwife offered me to come in and listen to our baby's heartbeat but Ive decided I dont need it coz we just our the hearbeat not too long ago (last weds. 11/09) but nehoo, thanks for that great advice. I will definitely keep an eye on it. How far along were you when you lost your baby? Im sorry to hear that...


Terra - November 16

I was supose to be about 9 1/2wks, the baby's size when they saw no fetal pole was 7wks, so that baby was already gone, I just mentioned that as a concern, I knew a lady who had it early in weeks like I did, and she has a 4 month old now.. I just get concerned when it's Later... So good luck and keep a post up on here if anything changes :) take care


Tess - November 16

Terra, I will definitely keep you guys posted. :P When are you due by the way? Do you know the gender yet? Hope to hear from you :)


Tess - November 17

Since I had my light bleeding during the wkend of halloween last dr. appt was 11/09 and ive been having this brown discharge he said its perfectly normal n stuff.......its been a wk since i last saw him and i still get that brown discharge instead of the white one. i dont feel any abdominal pain or whatever. im 14 wks tomorrow 11/18. i dont wanna think too much that something is wrong....i might give them a buzz later.......i just need some rea__surance from them


Terra - November 17

Hi Tess: I'm due March 30th, and they are pretty sure it's a girl.. So my 5 year old is pretty happy about that, she likes the idea of a little sister... how far along are you now?


Tess - November 17

Terra, I'll be 14 wks tomorrow. :) Congrats on your baby girl.


Lauren - December 5

Hi Hope you are ok now Tess. I am having the same thin and trying to relax



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