Brown Spotting Early On And OK Now

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Kelly - February 26

I am only 6 weeks but have been brown spotting for 4 days now. My dr. doesn't seem to think it's a big deal. Thought I would post on the 2nd trimester site to see if any of you had this and are now doing fine! Any advice would be greatly appreciated - this is my first and I'm a nervous wreck. Thanks.


Rachel - February 26

I understand the nervouse wreck part, believe me I do! I'm almost 16 weeks with my first and I think I've had every worrisome thought a person could. I had a little bit of brown spotting around the same time as you're now having it and my doc. said it was normal, just old blood probably left over from my implantation bleeding. As long as your dr. says it's okay I'd try not too worry too much. As my husband reminds every once in a while "honey the dr isn't going to lie to us". So good luck and take care :)


PP - February 26

I am doing great and I spotted and bled for weeks from 5 weeks until 10 weeks.


canadagirl - March 7

ity is very normal ihad brown spotting when i was pregnant and i had a very healthy pregnancy


eyebeeablessing2u - March 7

I spotted for 10 days at 7 weeks. and all is Ok now at 22 w 4 d. In my case it was a dissappearing twin we think... but also could be just normal implantation bleeding.


Heather - March 8

spotted at 9 weeks.. and a bit at ten and 11 weeks.. never anything more than a rusty coloured watery discharge


TRC - March 15

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings . . . but at seven weeks I started having brown spotting for about 48 hours prior to the miscarriage of my second pregnancy. My suggestion is to have an ultrasound, just to be sure that all is well. However, on the upside, I have delivered two normal and healthy baby boys after that loss. Good luck.


Lesley - March 21

I am 9 weeks pregnant and since 6 weeks, I have had brown spotting off and on. I had blood tests that turned out to be normal and an ultrasound showed a healthy heartbeat at 7 weeks. Try not to worry but always see the doctor. They can rea__sure you if all is well. If you ever need to talk about it, you can email me at [email protected] because I know what it's like to be scared. Good luck!


Mack - March 21

I had red blood at 6 weeks, and then brown spotting at 8 and 9 weeks. I'm now 21 weeks and everything is going fine. Sometimes implantation bleeds take a while to come. For me, as my uterus grew, leftover blood dribbled out - hence why I continued to bleed so late. It's still an idea to call your Dr to get it checked out.


Heather - March 21

my spotting was due to cervical erosions being irritated during a pap smear.



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