Brown Spotting Won T Stop

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Jessica - May 9

Hi, I am 11 weeks pregnant. I wasn't able to get a very good answer on the first trimester board, so I thought I'd post here. I have been spotting brown with no cramps for about 5 days. I called my doctor and they said not to worry unless it was bright red and heavy like a period, and I begin to cramp really bad. I had an ultrasound at 8w1d and we saw the heartbeat and the doctor said everything looked okay. My next appointment is not until May 18th, and I will go crazy wondering if the baby is still okay. Okay, here's my main question: Did any of you second trimester moms-to-be experience brown spotting and/or bleeding for several days + and still go on to the second trimester and the baby is fine? Thanks.


Beth - May 9

Yes, I had brown spotting twice during the first trimester for days at a time and I am now 24 weeks. The spotting stopped along time ago and everything it fine!! Good luck and don't worry.


S - May 9

I don't at all want to scare you, but I would see if your doctor will order you an ultrasound. I began brown spotting last year with my first pregnancy at 11 weeks. My doctor sent me for an ultrasound and found that "there was nothing viable there". Hopefully, your situation is quite different since you have seen the heartbeat already. They suspected that the baby had stopped developing very early (a few weeks), so I probably would not have seen a heartbeat if I had had an earlier ultrasound. Good luck.


Me - May 9

I think you are just fine. Your Dr was right and you should'nt worry! I had spotted alot and even had red blood at about 10 to 13 weeks (can't remember exactly) but all was very fine and all normal. It happens more than what we are told. Congradulations!


HP - May 9

Jessica, I was spotting off and on during my first trimester. I mentioned it to the Doc, he told us NOT to have s_x. I'm now 19 weeks, everythings fine. Just take care of yourself, and do what the doc says.



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