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mjvdec01 - February 21

Hey, thanks for your post in the other thread. I'm not going to be unhappy aboout another girl. I just know what it feels like to have that same gender bond and I know it would be wonderful for my dear hubby. Anyway, our kids are very close in age. Madalyn turned two on february 9th and this one is due july 24th, however, I will be induced on the 17th unless I go in to labor before then. It's nice to meet people with kids the same age as yours. I live in Washington state, jsut south of Seattle. Where are you?


bubbasmom - February 21

Hi. My son's birthday is the 5th and the new baby is due on the 17th! I am from New England. I live about an hour from Boston. I wasn't unhappy the baby is a boy, just sad I will never know what a girl would have looked like. But, I'm glad my son will have a brother so close in age. I completely understand your husband wanting that father-son bond. Good luck and let me know what you are having.


mjvdec01 - February 21

My appointment is in about 3 hours. I will post as soon as I get home. We are going shopping for the baby after and out to dinner so it may be late for you. Catch ya later! :0}


mjvdec01 - February 21

It's a BOY!! I couldn't believe it. It is going to be so different having a boy than a girl. After my appointment I went shopping and bought a ton of sleepers with matching hats. For the first three months that is all they wear anyway. Gymboree was having a big sale and I had a coupon for an additonal 20% off. I am just cloud nine, and it almost seems surreal. So, your having a boy as well, after this one are you done having babies? I really think I am done now. Have you been out shopping yet? I purchased a crib and and changer last weekend, and this weekend I will get the bedding. I am just one of those people that has to have everything ready right away. It is hard enough for me to wait for the baby, and this is the way I cope with the wait. I called my mom first and told her the news, she is super excited. My hubby and I decided on the name Nathaniel James. We will call him Nathan or Nate. Have you chosen a name yet? Anyway, my mind is racing and I know I have been rambling. I can't help it.


bubbasmom - February 22

Congrats on little Nathan! That is wonderful news. I'm glad you stuck up for yourself in your other post. To be honest, when I posted my post about the gneder issue, I was so worried about being attacked for just having legitimate feelings. Anyways, did you have fun shopping? I must say that girls clothes are much cuter than boys clothes. I try to buy the cutest clothes I can, but its hard. Target has some cute clothes though.


fefer1 - February 22

hey MJ - not to bust in our your conversation, but I'm south of Seattle sort of, in Renton. Due date is June 2nd with a boy. My dd is 17 months old too. :) I can't believe your name either!!! I thought about the exact same one!!! So weird!!! We are probably going with James Julian though...after my dh's grandfather (the Julian part). Anyways...thought I'd say hey since you got beat up by Cat. Oh, JC Penneys and Sears have some good boy selections, as well as Target.


mjvdec01 - February 22

I had a great time shopping but now my hubby has the flu and I feel like I am getting sick too. He is confined to the bedroom, so I am waiting on him and Madalyn. On top of everything I have to disinfect my home. This flu is nasty and he has the actual influenza, which is a little scary for me being pregnant. Anyway, I am trying to make the best of it. You really should go to Gymboreedot com and check out the sale. They are offering gymbucks right now. $25 for every $50 that you spend. Sometime in April you can redeem them.



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