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chrissy - May 6



Beth - May 6

Hi Chrissy, I will be 24 weeks this coming Tuesday, I don't know the s_x yet but have a dr apt on Tuesday and they should be doing the ultra sound then. Last apt I was up 11 pounds since pre pregnancy so who only knows what damaged was done in a month. BAD BAD thing is is I work 40 hours a week sitting in a chair at a desk, so that doesn't help much. I am carrying somewhat high, not to high but not low. Everyone is "prediciting" girl!


chrissy - May 6

Did you have a lot of sickness in 1st trimester?


teresa - May 6

I am 23 weeks today. I am having a boy also. I have gained around 10 lbs so far. Im carrying low, didn't have much morning sickness and very excited!! this is our FIRST!.. congrats everyone


Beth - May 6

No, I had no sickness at all!! No symptoms, no sickness, for the longest time I Was the biggest worry wort because I didn't "feel" pregnant. Now I have this big belly, baby moves, I am tired and my cravings for PIZZA have started to kick in!!


chrissy - May 6

Pizza....whoa major heartburn for me. I have to keep the tums handy. I have been craving snowb___s and icecream. Fruits sometime but mostly snowb___s. This is my 1st also....


Lindy - May 6

Wow...i'm also 24 weeks today!! Happy Birthday to our bellies!! Dunno what the s_x is but im carying v high and my bump is kinda small... the size of my a__s however is not!! Serious movement constantly and feeling quite uncomfortable...but v excited!


Beth - May 6

"knock on wood" I have been lucky, I never had heartburn before pergnancy and I have only had it twice since then. This is my first but I am only 25 and have three step children at home, 9,8 and 6!


mandie - May 6

hi chrissy, iam 25 weeks 5 days pregnant, and barely showing, though this is #3, so go figure. i have gained 12 lbs, but started out underweight, so i really haven't gained too much. i thought i had gained more, but at my dr. appt. i just found out, i didn't. iam having a little girl, and am carrying, and growing more upward, then outward. this is my 1st girl, so iam phsyced! my baby is 1lb 9 oz, as of 3 days ago, so who knows by now. my appet_te is growing, and iam feeling pretty good now a days! hope everyone else is to! hugs xoxo


tara - May 6

hi everyone. I thought i was 27 weeks but the doc tolled me today that I'm 26 and 2 days. I guess one week isn't a big deal right now, but it will be towards the end. Maddies I'm so jelouse that you have gained so little! I have gained a total of 21 pounds YUICKS!!!! But I think my b___bs alone are about 8-10 pounds. my back and sholders are starting to hurt. Other than that I'm enjoing this pregnancy very much. :o)


~S~ - May 6

Hello. I'll be 24 weeks in 4 days. I'm not too sure what my baby is, yet. I went for my ultrasound at 18 weeks, but we couldn't tell so I'll have to wait until my next one, whenever that'll be. My boyfriend is hoping for a boy because he already has 2 girls, I'm hoping for a boy as well because I want to give him that, but either way, we'll be super happy. Everyone else is thinking it's a girl, but we'll see...As for my weight, The last time I saw my dr. was April 14th and I had gained 10lbs. I'm pretty sure I'm up to atleast 15lbs by now, if not more. I find that I'm carrying somewhat high, I think? My belly isn't all that big right now, so I'm not sure if I'll be carrying high or low.


heather - May 6

Im 23 weeks and im having a girl...


Lori - June 25

I'm 22 weeks and 2 days. I'm carrying high and just recently found out I am having a boy. No problems so far, i've been pretty lucky. Recently however i've started to feel like my throat is burning. i'm guessing this is the horrific heartburn.... i hope it doesnt happen throughout the rest of my pregnancy, but im sure that will be my luck.


Meredith - June 25

I'm 27 weeks on Monday. I am also having a boy...so excited! I'm not sure if I'm carrying low or not but people thought I was having a boy before I found out the s_x at 18 weeks. When did you guys find out the s_x? Anyway so far I've had a great pregnancy. I've been feeling tons of movement more recently which is a big relief. Hey did you guys read the post about Dr.'s saying it's one s_x in the u/s and being another s_x when the baby is born. How commenly does that happen? My husband and I clearly saw boy parts the doctor pointed them out to us. Chrissy, when is your due date.


Jennifer S. - June 25

Hey Chrissy!! I am 24 weeks pregnant today too!! I have gained 20 lbs so far, which surprised me because I had didn't put on any my first trimester but in the last month alone I have put on 10 pounds. I had horrible morning sickness until my 3rd month so that had alot to do with my lack of weight gain, but now I can't stop eating!!!! I am carrying really high. I am have a baby girl!!!


June - June 27

Hi Chrissy, I'm in my 25th wk and gained almost 15 pounds :( I'm having a boy? I think i shd be carrying it low. only started looking visibly pregnant in the last 2wks :p


Cinshon - June 27

Hi Chrissy, I'm 25 weeks and I'm having a girl. I'm beginning to get very lazy and energy tips?



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