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Jynette - May 17

Hi I am 14 weeks pregnant and desperate tobe showing, I want other people to see that i am pregnant and nit like I have just gained a bit of weight. Anyone else feel like this?


Ddvinson3 - May 17

Of course we all feel like this. I'm 21 weeks and still not showing that well. I have a bump but it kind of just looks like I'm fat sometimes. But when I wear maternity clothes it looks like a pregnant belly.


divinelibra - May 17

i started gaining my excess weight around my 14/15th week. but it just looked like i was getting fat. i'm almost 22 weeks now and you can definately tell i'm pregnant. everyone grows different though. sometimes i look at those pretty pregnant girls and get so jealous that they look so good. but i am relieved i can blame it on my pregnany. give it time, i'm sure eventually you'll be saying, "make it go away now!!!" lol.


Krista - May 17

Yeah...I REALLY wasn't showing at 14 weeks...I'm 24 1/2 weeks now and you can tell I'm prego...not enough that strangers would feel comfortable "asking" me if I was pregnant but when I wear maternity clothes I DEF look prego! =) Maybe start wearing maternity clothes...they help you to start look prego rather than just fat..lol


ThePezChick - May 17

I started getting a "bump" at 14 weeks. I seemed to gain the most weight around 15-16 weeks. I'm 20 weeks tomorrow and there's no doubt at all that I'm pregnant.


emilymalm - May 17

I'm 18 weeks and starting to look preggo. At 14 weeks, I just looked like I was gaining weight, but there was a big difference by 16 weeks. I went from my clothes are getting tight to going full maternity.


Mandy1984 - May 18

oh no I was the comlete opposite!! With my first pregnancy I was able to hide it from everyone until 5 months and The day I was having my c.section i was the same size as a girl who was getting her 16week scan, I was soooo happy that I stayed small, 4 days later I was back in my 26" jeans (as opposed to my 28" jeans I had to wear at full term lol) With #"2 it wasn't the same I was HUGE by 30weeks I could hardly move, This time I am now nearly 20weeks have a very noticable bump,



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