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Sovi - January 22

When would be a decent time to start buying baby items? Since I'm Hispanic, specifically Puerto Rican, it is custom to not buy anything until after the baby is born...unless of course you receive things through the baby shower. But I would like to know from your own experience, when did you start buying things? I figured it would be easier on the pocket if you begin buying things starting in the second trimester. What do you ladies think?


jodie - January 22

Hey sovi! We bought a few things before the baby showers, like some onsies, diapers, and little necessities that I knew I would need with my son. Then I had my baby showers and afterward we purchased the things that we didn't receive. My grandpa built our crib so we didn't have to worry about that. So we bought a ba__sinet, baby tub, diaper pail and stuff like that. It was deffinatly nice to start buying stuff ahead of time so we could spread out the funds. Or if you don't want to buy stuff you could put the money aside so you can buy it later on. It is nice to have everything ahead of time because sometimes after having a baby you don't exactly feel like going shopping right away so you want your major necessities at home already. Goood luck!


excited2bemama - January 23

I started buying things at about 18.5 weeks. Right after we found out it was a girl. Its to overwhelming to buy it all at once, plus if you start early and look around you can find lots of stuff of sale.


IrinaZ - January 23

I am with excited2 - started buying right after we found out it was a boy. Althought in my culture we are not even supposed to have a baby shower untill after the baby is born. Well, it's all great if you have bunch of family members around you to shop for you while you are in the hospital, but I have no one here - just me and my husband (well, and his family, which is not the same). I figured little by little - i'll be all done by the time the little one arraives. Speaking of buying - does anyone know or have a check list of what things the baby needs? How many onesies, blankets, hats, etc.


Tracy88 - January 23

I also started shopping not long after finding out the gender. It was right after Christmas and everything was on sale, so I couldn't resist. It's definitely less overwhelming and easier on your money situation to get things little by little. I also registered and I'm glad I had already started that because I continually make changes to the registry. By the time anybody goes to buy anything from it, I will have it perfected. I pick items and then check consumer reviews and make changes accordingly.


sarahbaby11 - January 23

i started with my first right after i knew it was a girl. i just bought things i wanted that i didn't think people would buy of my baby books and decorations for the room. however if you know and need a crib now is the time of year to buy they are all on sale at baby depot.


suze42 - January 23

Other than the baby furniture and the stroller....I didnt buy anything until after the shower...b/c I didnt want to double up on anything.


aafinden - January 29

Irina- at babys r us there is a spinner with all kinds of papers and one of them is a check list of things to get for baby, like 4-6 hats, etc. it was fun to look through and helpful


IrinaZ - January 29

aafinden, thank you, I will check their list. I guess my only concern is how much of that stuff you REALLY need and not just they stuff they want you to think that you need so you buy their stuff


Jmom - January 30

In the Jewish religion you aren't supposed to buy things or bring anything into the house until after the baby is born- with that being said, as soon as we learned the s_x of our baby we bought things. We are on our 2nd and since we are now having a girl and we had a boy before, I started buying things so I can spread the cost out:)


aayyeennaa - January 31

Here in the philippines older generation rules out that you must start buying baby stuff on the 7th month by this time you already know the gender and the baby may survive when comes out at this stage


DDT - January 31

We started buying our big items (crib, travel system & portable crib/ba__sinett) starting from about 22wks. We wanted to spread the cost. I had my baby shower at 30wks where I got a lot of clothes, essentials & baby swing. From 32wks we bought the b___st pump, dresser, changing table & high chair. We wanted to be prepared. People along the way have given us a stock of diapers, baby blankets and more clothes. We are absolutely ready for baby now. I am 37w3d. Not too much longer!! I don't think I could have waited until after baby was born to buy all this stuff...firstly because we are not financially geared to spend over a thousand bucks in one shopping spree, and secondly, because I am going to be so busy with baby for the first few weeks I am not going to want to go out shopping. Its a personal choice though. We weren't expecting big ticket items at the baby shower or as gifts after baby is born.


c_baer19 - January 31

Well this is my first, but my older sister has two children and she advised me to buy a pack of diapers starting now with every paycheck, lol. =)


rachograd - January 31

hi im a mum of 5 and having my 6th ive always started arfter i was 3 months


squished - February 1

Does anyone feel superst_tious about buying things before the baby is born? I feel almost like I will jinx it....I know completely crazy, but still. Some people have entire nurseries put together with embroidered pillows and everything. God forbid that something happens, but if something does how can you come home to all of that stuff? Granted I still have a long time to go and maybe I'll change my mind, but it really makes me nervous to think about buying anything! We have even talked about having an after shower instead of one before the baby is born. Is that too wierd of an idea? We aren't planning on finding out what we are having which is the major motivator for the after shower. Ok, everyone can laugh at me for being such a wierdo now :)


c_baer19 - February 1

Squished, that is what they do in the Jewish religion - they don't find out the s_x and don't have a shower until after the baby is born, because in their beliefs, the baby is not here safely yet, something along those lines. A mom-to-be in another thread I post in is Jewish, and that's how she's doing hers. So it's not strange at all. =)


squished - February 3

Thanks c-baer! I didn't know that was a Jewish custom. Well, even though we aren't Jewish we may just follow that custom for this little one! Thanks again.



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