C Section Vs Vag

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Michelle - July 26

Does anyone know of any good websites that site the pros and cons of each? I'm having a hard time deciding on how I would like to deliver. I have spoken with my doctor and she seems to like c sections...Thanks!


Lisa - July 26



Brandy - July 26

Michelle, I am with you. My doctor seems to prefer c-sections also. I am just not really sure (due 12/29). Also, not sure about insurance...do they cover elective c-sections without a medical necessity? I have Humana. Still pretty indecisive about it.


Michelle - July 26

I hadn't thought about the insurance part..ummm..don't know if they do elective c-sections...another thing to look up! I have Aetna. I'm going to check out healthboards.com to see what they have...good luck in making your decision! I'm due in Nov and I'm still indecisive too!


Jbear - July 27

babyzone.com has a step-by-step description of a c-section. about.com has pictures of the actual surgery. From personal experience I can tell you that the recovery from a c-section can be fairly painful. Doctors like c-sections because they make more money from them. It is major abdominal surgery and for me it wasn't my first choice, but a last resort.


Michelle - July 28

I had a c-section with my first child. It was painful, but I can't speak for a vag. since I have never had one. They say there is pro's and con's to both, so who knows. This is a topic that will be disputed til the end of time! He He!


Brandy - July 28

I definitely agree...it will be disputed till the end of time. This is my first, so no experience here. Everyone really takes it personal though. A friend of mine did not speak to me for a couple of days because I was even thinking of an elective c-section. Its like some women think it is an insult not to do it the "traditional way". Not sure I understand this...isn't it our decision?


Ca__sie - July 28

I didn't even know you could choose. I guess I just figured that no one would elect to having their stomach cut open. Not that the traditional way is glamorous. lol! Just curious, but those of you who are thinking of elective c-section, why might you prefer that?


Jodie - July 28

Ive had a v____al birth twice now and recovery was instant, as soon as baby was out there was no more pain


Brandy - July 28

To be honest, my husband is a pediatric physical therapist and treats alot of children who have had severe complications with birth. I haven't at all made up my mind, but after doing research, it is evident that there is more control with c-sections. My husband works at a large childrens hospital. He has spoken with many neonatalogists who said that they would definitely prefer for their wives/ or themselves to have c-sections (some have even requested). My OB also said that when comparing the two ways, the recovery is about the same. Again, this is my first and I'm still not sure, but this definitely gives me something to think about. I did not realize you had an option either.


TCM - July 28

Hi. Not sure yet what I am going to do. From my information. mom and baby do much better from an elective C Section than an emergency one where things are already, by definition, going wrong. So many v____al births end as emergency C sections that maybe the best chance for baby to be healthy is an elective C Section from the start. There are a lot of comments on this on the Cesaerian Section forum but the comments get a bit heated and personal.


baby.ksh49.com - July 29

Remember that v____al is natural, c-section is not so you're gonna heal better and easier with a natural birth. Less chances of infection. I think Jbear is right and they opt for the c-section for the money. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a miracle that they're able to cut the belly and pull out a baby to save mom and baby's lives ... but unless medically necessary (i.e. position of baby, pelvic problems, size of baby vs mother's pelvic region) I would choose v____al. PLUS if you opt for c-section, chances are they will NOT ALLOW you to have a v____al birth next time because of the damage a c-section can do to you.


Brandy - July 29

Infection is definitely a risk, but think about the risk of infection when you need an episiotomy. I doctor also said that research is showing that women tend to have fewer complications with bladder problems down the road with c-sections. TCM you are definitely right about the elective vs. the emergency c-section. My OB said that if you wait till the c-section is necessary then it is very hard on the mother because she actually started the birth process. I still can't decide. I guess the big question is what the insurance will pay for.


Brandy - July 29

Michelle, just a little update for you. You definitely want to check with your insurance company. I spoke with Humana this morning and they said that without a proven medical necessity, there would be not guarantee that they would pay for an elective c-section. Definitely glad I asked.


Lynn - July 29

I wouldn't opt for an elective c-sec if I were you. It is considered major surgery, would you opt for open heart surgery if you didn't need it? Most c-sec today that are termed "emergency" are not emergency at all. Most doctors tend to like c-sec because they can scheule them ahead of time and don;t end up going to work at 3 am on saturday morning. Definitely do more research on your own on the benfits and cons of both types. Many people on this site provide personal experience and are not the statistical norm and many simply are very misinformed (many are very educated too) there are lots of steps you can take to reduce the chances of having an "emergency" c-sec and many things you can do to make sure your birth is enjoyable and an easier recovery. With a c-sec you aren't supposed to climb stairs for 2 weeks, not supposed to drive for 6 weeks. etc,etc. With a v____al birht you can do all of those things the same day! Plus c-sec come with some major risls for both mom & baby. There is a saying "don't mess with mother nature"-mother natuer didn't intend for you to have your baby via c-sec, don;t get me wrong, many babies and moms are alive today because of the c-sec, but unless your or your baby's life depends on it, I wouldn't do it.


Patty - July 29

I have had two children both vag. Personally, since I was able to experience this route VS needing a C-Section, I am definately choosing Vag. for our third in Oct. I don't believe all Dr.s want to perform a C section unless they have to, but I certainly can't speak for all of them. I think the C sections should be used when absolutely necessary, you definately heal up so much quicker if you are able to deliver naturally. But if a C Section is really needed, then do what is best for Mom and baby... Not all women are able to give birth naturally for any number of reasons. For me personally, Vag is what I prefer mainly because that is what I have experienced. There are so many decisions! Good luck everyone! :)


Jbear - July 29

There are some things no one tells you about a c-section. For one thing, contractions squeeze the fluid out of the baby's lungs, so if you have no contractions, and then a c-section, your baby is more likely to have breathing problems, at least for a short time. Also, after a c-section you get terrible gas pains. I never even thought of gas and pain in the same sentence before my c-section. It also hurts a lot to get out of bed after the c-section, not just the first time, but every time you go from lying down to sitting or standing for a couple of weeks, it hurts. It's also possible to get a hernia at the incision site (I have one). I've never had a v____al birth, so I don't know what kind of pain and recovery is involved with it. It might be worse, for some people. I'm having a repeat c-section, because with my hernia I'm scared to try for a vbac. I'm not looking forward to the recovery, but at least this time I've got some idea of what to expect. Oh, you can climb stairs after the c-section. I was using the stairs in the hospital two days after mine, because I don't like elevators.



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