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Heidi - April 25

Okay no bashing, but I tend to drink a can of caffinated pop a day but sometimes I don't. Or it's a cup of coffee in the morning. Is this really bad? I read it wasn't and my doc said there's no conclusive evidence saying caffeine effects pregnancy. I'm good about avoiding it most of the time but on the weekends when we eat fast food I just crave a soda. Plus I get headaches if I don't have one. I limit it to one can a day and don't eat a lot of chocolate etc. Anyone else do this? I feel guilty but how can it effect the pregnancy...if it even does?


TX Girrrl - April 25

The latest I heard is that one caff. beverage a day is a good guideline. If I have leaded coffee in the AM, I choose a soda in the PM that doesn't have caff. Most brands of root beer don't have caff. This has helped curb my cola fix.


KrisD - April 25

I was getting headaches so frequently, that my doctor recommended having a little caffeine when one was coming on. So it can't be THAT bad for you!


Misty - April 25

A lot of caffiene can be bad from what I have heard. But, everything in moderation. Just limit your intake, like you are already doing and it is fine. I have heard from lots of people that just a few caffienated drinks a day is o.k.


Heidi - April 25

Good because I can't stand caffeine free pepsi. Although Root Beer and Welches Grape are good and caffeine free but they're just not the same! Thanks!


Julie - April 25

During the first trimester I didn't have any coffee for one it made me sick in the morning and I was worried about miscarriage but now that I know everything is fine I have my 1 cup of coffee and when I am feeling tired I will have a coke because it wakes me up.


Jbear - April 26

My doc prescribed a pill containing caffeine for my migraines during pregnancy, so it can't be that bad. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm a real b___h when I haven't had any caffeine in a while.


J - April 26

Thankfully, everyone's comment on this page has been pretty normal. I've heard some people go off on women drinking caff -- they're like, you can deal without it for 9 months. Well, there are some days where I can't get thru the workday without at least some caffeine. I've found that my tolerance has gone down so I don't need as much. I'm not a coffee drinker and only drink soda on occas, so I drink caffeine enhanced water!


Jennifer - April 26

It is fine to drink 2 cups a day, from what I heard, I personally don't drink pop anymore, but I used to drink it more then water, and during my first pregnancy, I drank alot of pop, and my son is perfectly fine.


Heidi - April 26

Well I figured I quit smoking three weeks into my pregnancy so a little pop won't kill me. I actually quit pop up till my 9th week of pregnancy and after that I just gave up. I was so sick that sometimes pop made my stomach settle down. I try to avoid it but when I feel sluggish and a headache coming on, I grab a Dew! Sometimes in the morning I'll have a cup of coffee to perk me up. I miss those perky mornings! I still can't get over how different I feel from when I had morning sickness. That was 8 weeks of hell! I got lucky and it quit around 10 wks but then the headaches took over. Yuck.


Jen - April 26

I think that one cup a day is fine. I have cut caffeine out in drinks but I do eat chocolate on occasion so I know that I am having some there. I used to hear the 4-5 cups a day is fine but I think that that might be a little high since I saw a study recently linking more than 100 mg a day to m/c early in pregnancy. Since we are all past that, everything in moderation is probably a good guideline.


Mimi - April 26

I smoked and drank coffee until I found out I was pregnant. (4 days after missing my period) I quit smoking the minute I found out I was pregnant and I quit drinking coffee about a week later. Since finding out I am pregnant I now drink milk when I get up in the morning and I have cravings for coke. I never used to drink the stuff. I drink Coke about 3 times a week. And I also love Iced Tea and still drink that almost every day at least 32 ounces. But I make sure I drink plenty of water and every day I drink my milk in a tall gla__s with ice!!!



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