Cake Craving Does It Mean Boy Or Girl

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Kerri - July 28

I haven't had much cravings through my pregnancy and am now 18 weeks but the only thing that I do really crave right now is cake with alot of icing and the only other craving I had was near the beginning of my pregnancy for any type of hot Doritos such as Jalapeno and Cheddar and Spicy Nacho? Not much else either before or after. Any ideas if anyone experienced these cravings and had a boy or girl? Good luck with all pregnancies and I was just curious.


Lauren - July 28

I am almost 22 weeks and I have been craving cake for a couple weeks now. Funny part is that I am craving chocolate cake which I have pretty much hated since I was little. I too started out my pregnancy wanting spicy foods. That has faded but I sure do love my sweets. I found out almost 2 weeks ago that we are having a little girl!!! Very exciting.


lisa - July 28

i crave lots of sweets and i am having a little girl.


sera - July 28

same thing here. i craved A LOT of cake and sweets and im expecting a little girl in november.


nat - July 28

Since day 1 of my pregnancy I craved sugar, cake, sweets and I am having a girl. For my first pregnancy I craved sour things like citris fruits I had a boy


jodie - July 28

I am craving cake and candy...i am having a BOY


BIA - July 28

I am with Jodie- I am craving everything sweet- especially carrot cake- and I am having a BOY (21 weeks). In the begining, all I wanted was spicy stuff- I went as far as to eat an entire jalapeno (uncooked) with dinner one night (and suffered dearly), but now all I want is sweets. Guess it doesn't matter either way!


shelbi - July 28

i'm not sure about the boy/girl thing..although i think sweets = girl, sours = boy. but.... i have the SAME craving - CAKE! w/ TONS of icing! and TG it was my birthday the other day.. i have a half of a cake i've been eating everyday!! LOL and then there was an entire week i ate nothing but potatoes! i still eat them frequently. haha


Kerri - July 29

Thanks for all your replies ladies and my husband thinks that we are having a girl too but I will admit at least I get to have some cake today and next week and hope it has lots and lots of icing. I don't know why but it sure tastes really good. I call it baby friendly food hee hee! Good luck to all Mom's to be!!


zulad from the planet Mars - July 29

i craved crabby patties from the crusty crab, and now i am having a baby sponge bob squarepants


Anne - July 29

The only ways to know for sure are clear ultrasound or amniocentesis. Science isn't based on cake.


huh? - July 29

it means you're hungry


What is the problem? - August 2

To Anne and Huh, This person was merely just wondering if these cravings meant if some people had a boy or girl not that they want to find out the s_x of the baby but it looks like more of something they wondered for fun. Of course Kerri is probably hungry but don't make this personal as she said in her post that she was "just curious"!!


@ - August 5

ANNE is like that with all the threads she responds too. Everyone knows a cake isnt going to decide the gender, its just fun to compare stories. You really should relax a little ANNE. Is life really tha hard to just enjoy it? Dont ruin it for the others.


bump - August 12



Tracy - August 12

I crave choc cake with icing all the time!!! Plus I want choc ice cream. I found out 3 weeks ago I am having a girl!!! Hopefully it will make our kids sweeter!!! By the way, Anne why bother responding if you want to say something negative or ugly?? Again she was just asking because she was curious!!! Lighten UP!!!!


Brandy - August 12

I too had a huge craving for sweets...especially birthday cake with LOTS of icing (hated this before) and we are having a little boy. To those making negative comments, my hubby and I took every test out there and they all predicted a girl, but nope we have a little boy. Not a predictor but sure is fun and helps build up the anticipation. Have fun and take advantage of this special moment.



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