Calcium Fortified Orange Juice A Good Calcium Sourse

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Nina - November 21

Does anyone know if the calcium fortified orange juice a good source of calcium during pregnancy? I'm lactose intolerant and can't seem to digest soy milk either. Anyone taking tums as a calcium supplement, I heard some doctors recommend this, I'm going to ask my doc next appt.


Lisa - November 21

Yes, anything with added calcium you should try to have right now. Tums is also a good one too! They have these supplements out that are calcium; and they are chocolate flavoured. I take those everyday as well to make sure I get my recommended intake. Don't forget your iron as well! :)


to Nina - November 21

There are veggies that are good for calcium too, such as dark green leafies (as I call them). And other non-animal sourced foods; just search for 'em on certain vegan sites. And the body readily absorbs the calcium in these veggies, so although milk has more calcium overall, it's not necessarily absorbed as well by the body. (Although the dairy industry may advertise otherwise.) Neither is calcium from "calcium-fortified" sources. I still would suggest you get calcium from everywhere & anywhere you can, just because baby is growing bones & it leeches calcium from your bones... which can cause osteoporosis later in life.


just to add - November 21

Also, make sure you get vitamin D with your calcium... they work hand-in-hand.


Shannon - November 21

The Calcium Fortified Orange Juice is a great sorce of calcium because it is meant to help those who a re lactose intolerant get the calcium they require. I am going to get some OJ tonight cuz I'm all out!


Tess - November 21

My ans. is YES, they do help. I can't hardly drink any milk right now except chocolate milk but w/ reg. milk I can only have it w/ my cereal n stuff. I love drinkin that Florida orange w/ calcium added. Hope that works for you.


Nina - November 25

Thanks ladies!!! I went to the Dr. today for my 16 week appt. and she agreed with all of you the calcium OJ is a good choice for calcium and she said tums are good too but not to overdo them cause they can deplete iron and zinc levels (but that's only if you're taking more than recommended)


. - November 25

fortified sources are not as good as natural sources



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