Calling Experience Mums Baby Moving Paranoia Please Help

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sophandbob - June 5

I really suffer from this badly, and judging by a lot of other threads it appears many other mums to be might be too. I guess as this is my first I really don't know what is normal or what to expect. I panic when I don't feel it move at the 'usual' times, or if one day they are really strong and the next really weak, or if it goes for a while without moving at all. maye it would help us worried mums if more experience mums would mind sharing their info on one thread that was can access and read through when we worry, rather than flicking through all the others. Maybe letting us know when you firs felt movements, frequency, if they stopped for you, or the frquency / time / strength changed from one minute to the next. I know it would certainly help me.


Angiconda - June 5

Sophandbob how far along are you. Movements will vary froma case to case basis but if you have been feeling the baby on a regular basis and now it seems to be moving less you need to call your doctor to have them do a non stress test. I just had this same problems last week at 27 weeks it seemed that my little guy wasnt moving as much and everyhting turned out to be fine. If you are every doubting the health and well being of you baby you should call your doctor I know I am glad I did if nothing else it is a piece of mind to know that your baby is in good health. Best wishes!


sophandbob - June 6

Thats just it. I have been to the drs and they checked and everything is fine. But they next time it happens I feel I want to go back again - I could spend the whole pregnancy in the drs room! I just thought others experiences would help rea__sure us. Thanks for your input!


pania - June 6

There is absolutely nothing to worry about. After baby is born you will find that babies will do what they want, when they want and it is all very normal and very healthy. For example, one week they will be extremely hungry and eating everything offered to them, then the next week they wont want so much. It is the same as in the womb one day they will be more sleepy than others. I cant remember how much my babies moved but baby will soon be moving so much you will get frustrated with him/ her, I garuntee it!!!! Anyway good luck! Hope this helped.


Kim L - June 6

Soph, my OB agrees with Pania! Babies have "lazy days" and "active days" even before they are born. There will definitely be days you notice lots of movement and subsequent days that you don't notice much. Try and sleep now, it only gets worse I hear! ;-)


Tanya2 - June 6

I had a baby last Sept and I am pregnant again. I also agree with the others, some days babies are more active than others, or could be that some days you are busier and don't notice the movements. I also found out that with my first pregnancy, I was more worried, now i have an 8 month old and i'm almoast 28 weeks pregnant, and I find it so much more relaxing, frankly i don't have time to focus on my pregnancy and the baby movements. I feel him move during the morning and at nights and sometimes during the day when i'm resting and i don't seem to mind that much. Ofcourse if I feel no movements at all then I will call my doctor. Another thing is to take a gla__s of juice and lie down and you will usually feel the movement. When your baby is born too, you will find that some days they sleep longer than others or some days they don't eat as much as others. Just take it easy and relax and ofcouse if u do feel that something is really wrong, you can always contact your doctor. Good luck.



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