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Pamela - September 23

Hello - can anyone recommend a safe abortion clinic in the New York city area for a second trimester abortion for my girlfriend who is 22-23 weeks pregnant? She has decided to terminate the pregnancy after much thought and consideration and is a bit nervous about the procedure. I'm trying to convince her to keep her cool but time is of the essence. From what I understand, it's a 2 day procedure and very complicated/expensive. Any suggestions? Thanks.


brucen - September 23



anonymous - September 23

Shouldn't She be the One who is asking that question? I think that if she truly wanted an abortion, she would be asking that question. Are you sure that she wants this? I know many people who had an abortion, and have regrets about it. If she was responsible to make that choice to even have intercourse, she should be responsible enough to take the consquence- a Beautiful Child.


BECKY - September 29



Kris - October 4

You can't get one after 13 weeks.


brooke - October 4

Don't do it! I had one at 6 weeks when I was 18. and I still have major regrets. It has been the biggest mistake of my life and I will never forgive myself. And I was only six weeks, I can't even imagine doing it in the second trimester! Seriously don't do it.It only brings heartache and deep depression. I wish it was illegal so that I coudn't have gone through with it!!


Janet - October 6

How could she have waited this long to make a that decision. The baby is just about fully formed now. That is terrible. Has she thought about adoption instead?


Cori - October 13

Please don't do it!!!! There are so many women out there who cant have kids and are dying to adopt!! Please have her reconsider!!


M - October 15

I am all for abortions, but d__n she waited a long time to make that decision. I've had 2 abortions with no regrets, both before the 8 week mark, but that is just wrong at almost 6 months.



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