Can I Take Cough Drops

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preggosauce - May 31

Ok ladies, I have THEE WORST soar throat right now....I was wondering if any of you knew if cough drops were ok to take?! Thanks!!!


sophandbob - May 31

i have tried things like hard boiled sweets instead of cough drops, because it is not necessairly the ingredients in them that stop you coughing or the sore throat, it is the production of saliva that will help. Also try ice cream (great excuse huh!), honey and lemon drinks work wel too.


Mingill - May 31

Not sure about cough drops, but when I have a sore throat, I find that hot water with lemon and honey really helps.


mcatherine - May 31

Sophandbob is correct - it's the production of saliva that helps the sore throat (although I would avoid ice cream if you have a cold/sinus probs because milk products contain histimines and can actually make it worse). I have a lot of sinus/allergies and always have a sore throat. My favorote sore throat remedy: Starbursts - The waxy texture coats your throat while helping produce more saliva. And then there's always honey and lemon...


Jen - May 31

When I started seeing my doctor for this pregnancy she gave me a card with a list of medications that are safe to take during pregnancy. One of the things listed is "Any over the counter cough drops". Anyhow, I am sure all docs vary in guidelines so you should check with your doc to be sure.


venus_in_scorpio - May 31

how come everyone elses doctor gave them a list and i didnt even know you shouldnt take advil. good thing im getting a new doctor. as for the sure throat... whatever you feel comfortable with. gargling with salt water has always proven to help and can help get rid of bacteria if youre sick. also it sounds stupid but if you dont have hard candy or dont want the sugar suck a b___ton (a bigger one) the sucking produces saliva and soothes the throat.


preggosauce - May 31

Thanks ladies for your help!!


iakram - May 31

hi's so strange every dr is sooo different. my dr would give me nothing. i had a running nose, sore throat a hacking cough...and nothing he said just take honey with warm water and hot steam. a whole lot of good that did - i ended up getting a sinus infection [had to take antibiotics for that] then got an ear infection again another round of antibiotics. i always thought that if the dr let me take something it would not have gotton that bad. in any event cough drops he said were a big no no. but my dr seems to weird....



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